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    Is the TERS website down?

    I tried accessing without success this morning? Checked "Down for Everyone or Just Me" and it seems to echo my experience. Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks in advance.
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    Who is sharing my details

    I received a call this afternoon from an agent for supersonic Fibre. I didn’t hear the company’s name properly and I initially thought it was someone from Cool Ideas or vumatel. I ordered one of Cool Ideas’ products two days ago. The agent was asking questions such as: has your line been...
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    Afrihost helpdesk

    Hi Anyone else experiencing this issue: Phone the helpdesk on 011-6127200 and then all agents are busy. I then go into a queue. Number 6 at that point. Drop to number 3 and then back up to number 9. I'm not sure if the queuing system is working problem. Any ideas?
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    Telkom ADSL issues - what can I do

    I've been having ongoing issues with my line (over 2 months), the ADSL disconnects intermittently. I logged numerous calls with Telkom. Every time the call is closed with the answer that the line runs clean from their side. I asked them to send a technician to my house. Eventually one arrived on...
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    Stolen iPhone - trying to hack apple ID password

    My wife's iPhone 6 was stolen about a month ago. I activated the Lost phone option on iCloud with my contact details. Last night (19/10) I received SMSs informing me that the phone has been located, from the following numbers: 0872405695 0872405217 0872405948 0872405478 asking me to login...
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    Price points for second hand older consoles - XBOX 360, Wii, Sony PS3

    I recently sold an XBOX 360 Arcade with 256 MB Memory module and 2 wireless controllers for R1300. I had a ton of people contacting me and the unit was sold quite quickly. I'm interested to ascertain what MyBB users have found when selling their old consoles through classifieds and what Joe...
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    Roaming abroad and phone battery life

    Hi Not sure if that has been covered before but a colleague of mine has recently been abroad to France and Spain. He says that his battery life was less than half that in South Africa, even though he used his phone less. His phone was also getting excessively hot. He uses an iPhone 4. He was...
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    Cellphone for 8-year old

    So here goes: My daughter's birthday is coming up soon and she has expressed a wish for a cellphone. I know that there are a lot of social/parental considerations including whether a child of this age is responsible enough to "own" a device like this, but I thought it would be an interesting...
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    Altech Technology Concepts Business ADSL

    Hi Was wondering whether anyone has signed up for the ATC Business Platinum ADSL Uncapped offering at R1900 Ex VAT? I'm exploring this option for our company and would like to hear from other mybroadband users out there about their experiences. Thanks in advance MigraineBoy