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    Rugby online

    Do you know of any good websites to watch the SUPERXV live? Thanks.
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    Whatsapp in a far away land...

    I am going to the far east and want to keep my current Whatsapp account. Will it work if I use it over wifi? Any tips/tricks to make this work without cellular data (only wifi)? thx
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    ibooks crash on 5.1 Jailbreak

    I know there was problems with iBooks crashing on the 5.0.1 JB and then apparently it was fixed with Redsn0w update. I've used the latest Redsn0w to JB my 5.1 iphone4. Now iBooks spontaneously exits (but does not crash), though every time you try to open app it seems like it tries to load the...
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    iPod Touch Airplane mode...

    Can any of you confirm that using Airplane mode is better than turning Wifi off, on an iPod touch? Edit: Better in BATTERY LIFE. just wondering.
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    "5.1 tethered" vs "5.0.1 untethered"

    hello maatjies! I'm actually still on 4.3.3(little BW in the bushes) and would like to know if you'd recommend 5.1 tethered above 5.0.1 untethered.
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    Just letting y'all know. CellC cant support anymore people.

    Their network is totally overloaded! Have had disconnection problems since the start of the year. A CellC technician came to my place to test speeds and whatnot, and he said there's nothing they can do to better my experience. So, DO NOT BUY CellC Dongle. I am 400m from on of the...
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    Office 2011 H&S vs iWork

    My father will be getting his first mac in a couple of weeks. He only needs basic "office" apps, so iWork-like features will suffice. BUT, he is obviously used to Office. What I want to know is, what are the limitations of Office HOME & STUDENT 2011 e.g. why is it cheaper. And if I...
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    Do you use the iPad's camera??

    Do you use the iPad's camera often? How do you use it? The reason I'm asking is because I think Apple was kindof pressured to put it in. And now, I think only 10% of iPad users use it regularly.
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    Whatsapp Pushing troubles

    Have any of you experienced Whatsapp not pushing data? I'm on a JBed iphone4 device with 4.3.3 and I have installed PushFix add-on through Cydia.
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    installous "API not available"

    this message appears every time I've tried to: - quit app and open again - resetting the catagories in the settings any other ideas?
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    Cell C

    So I jailbreaked my iphone before I put in a CellC sim. Got the sim today, put it in and it's not active yet. How long does it normally take for a sim swop to get active. I only did a sim swop (cellc to cellc). I excepted that they did the activation in store while I was waiting. but now...
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    iphone sim

    If i swop my normal sim for a microsim at CellC, would I be able to get onto their 3G network. What kind of a sim sould i be looking for? Very n00b, but I'm not clear on this. Are their data sims "special"? They told me i can port my number to a "data-sim"(my own word) ["data-sim" = sim...
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    Selling your iMac. What to expect.

    What do you think one should be able to get for an imac these days. Starting at iMacs that are 2 years old. Also, would it be wiser to sell it or to give it to relatives. What do you usually do, and how has it worked out for you?
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    I don't know about you but this is almost reason enough. Forget the iphone4 or 5 or whatever, THIS changes everything.
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    iPad2 + CellC 2Gb/mth = no brainer?

    If you buy an iPad2, why wouldn't you get CellC's 2Gb/month aka 24Gb Data package? I have the 5gb/mth one and am very happy with it. Very tempted to get 16Gb 3g iPad2 + 2gb/mth. What's your thoughts?
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    Command+Ctrl+D = NOTHING. Please help.

    Why does Command+Ctrl+D not do anything in Chrome or Preview. It works in Apps like Mail and Safari. Thanks.
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    Macbook Pros update?

    When is the next Macbook Pros update suppose to be? 1 months, 2 months, 3 months...2 months...?
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    MTN iPhone deals

    The MTN iPhone deals seems almost too good to be true (maybe it's just me:P) I mean, when you look at the Android phones sure it's cheaper per month (for some), but you don't get the airtime or the MB per month. How have your experience been? As my signature say:
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    Keep your jPods!

    I wonder if products released in the time of Jobs will have great value in the future after he leaves Apple? iWonder how quick it will happen and how much the rise in value would be... :p