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    MTN Datashare fails on some numbers

    Wondering if anyone can help, since MTN certainly cannot. I am able to add some numbers as recipients to Datashare, and not others (max allowed is 20). I currently have 2 recipients added, and I am struggling to add a further 2. I used the Android app, but it failed on the 3rd and 4th numbers...
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    Plz Identify Pink Flower

    Hi there all botanists / aspiring botanist or even amateur gardeners I have been driving past this house fairly regularly, and I have been wondering about these really pretty flowers. Last week I briefly stopped my car in front of the house, and started focusing my old Galaxy S1 on the...
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    Telkom upgrades active?

    The work's 384 line seems to be a 1 meg line now: This is in the Maitland/Kensington area in Cape Town. I first noticed that a download was much faster than normal. I did a at 8:15 this morning (you will notice it says 6:15 GMT in the pic).
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    LibreOffice and donation of OpenOffice

    Hi What do you guys think about the future of the LibreOffice productivity suite as compared to the established MS Office? While periodically I did try, I could never really give MS Word up. In all various jobs that I held through the years, MS Word always had certain functionalities that the...
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    Staging bin Laden's "death"

    Some people have requested links to credible critics of idea of Al-Qaeda's involvement in 9/11. Below I give a link to some internationally respected scholars' explanations. Also note the extract here, from late March 2011, predicting bin Laden's imminent "death" staging. The argument is that...
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    Muslims protect churches

    I was waiting all day for one of the "regulars" on these issues to post this, but perhaps it is not consistent with what many would like to believe about Islam or mainstream Muslims.
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    Samsung Wave TV OUT cable

    Do I need a SAMSUNG specific cable to connect the wave's TV-out to a TV? This phone uses the 3.5mm 4pin (TV out is the same jack as the headset i.e. on top centre of the phone). I already have a working 3.5mm 4 pin (works with another device) that looks identical to the one that I see shown on...