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  1. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Recommendations needed for reseller hosting

    Oops, let me get that cleared up for you. We’re using enterprise version of litespeed web server. I’ll get the site updated to reflect the correct version. Many thanks for pointing that out
  2. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Cloudflare & Litespeed Server question

    Give CF and Quic a try and decide which works better for you, both are free
  3. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Cloudflare & Litespeed Server question

    Here's the link to the quic cdn thread
  4. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Cloudflare & Litespeed Server question

    Where is the majority of your site traffic originating from? If it’s local then host local and use cloudflare or look into quic cdn - there is a thread on the forum about it
  5. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Cloudflare & Litespeed Server question

    What type of site is being hosted? If it’s a site that litespeed has a caching plugin for then I would opt for the host that provides litespeed.
  6. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    VPS Server

    Thanks for the mention @waylander @bchip Not quite sure how I missed this thread so apologies for the delay in a response, but please send me a pm if you have any questions
  7. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    POLL: Which VPS Hosting Company would you Recommend

    DirectAdmin most certainly supports Softaculous - you would need to purchase a license for it :) DirectAdmin provides an easier, slicker and faster interface for management for yourself and your clients. There are many discussions on the...
  8. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    POLL: Which VPS Hosting Company would you Recommend

    Only a pleasure. If you're looking for a cost effective control panel that allows you to manage your VPS then I would recommend DirectAdmin over cPanel every day of the week. We cant supply you with a DirectAdmin license how ever you can obtain one from their website and it wont take much to...
  9. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    POLL: Which VPS Hosting Company would you Recommend

    Good morning, Our telephone number is published on our site and can be found on the contact us page. Please pm me your number and I’ll have one of our guys give you a call. Alternatively live chat is available from 8am and you can find the chat icon on the bottom right of any page. You had...
  10. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Several sites blocked on Cool Ideas

    A bit late in the response to this so forgive me. I haven’t seen this type of behavior with any of my cool ideas assigned ip addresses so quite odd. CISP should be able to tell exactly why that IP was blocked if they’re using the premium / paid for version of wordfence - and if they can’t see...
  11. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    South Africans scammed by fake online stores

    @Jamie McKane This store received quite a few complaints from your members about being scammed - please consider a write up about it
  12. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    20ms latency Linux VPS hosting in Johannesburg? Online real-time band practice/jam

    Thanks for the mention At the moment we only have locations in JHB so can’t offer CPT or DBN but more than willing to run a few pings or traces from our environment to other locations
  13. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Google Gmail Services Down? Login Issues

    We're seeing mail spools grow quickly with errors such as these being logged on the mail servers Error: 421 4.3.0 Temporary System Problem. Try again later (5). XXXXXXXXXXXXwmf.32 - gsmtp
  14. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    What SA ISP has a open relay SMTP server?

    Did Base64 exist in 2013? sho this is a post from the past
  15. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Anybody got a server that is idling on a Sunday morning?

    Thanks for the positive feedback and glad to hear that this worked as intended! Great to see clients making use of this service, and thanks to you for suggesting such a service.
  16. Jade @ Absolute Hosting - legit?

    I've made contact with ZACR Legal after reading the comments posted within this thread - please see their response below. I hope this helps
  17. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Half rack colocation in JHB

    @JayM I did reach out to the guys at Hetzner / Xneelo and waiting on a response.
  18. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Directadmin vs others

    Out of the box DA comes equipped with BFM, how ever both support csf and imunify360
  19. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Directadmin vs others

    @bwana - please assist Kyle with company rep and name change