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    BCX Giveaway - Win a Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot

    The security landscape Being a Business Systems Analyst, the video was tremendously insightful and interesting. Being part of an IT team that is currently busy moving and changing the IT landscape of our company (lift-and-shift; digitizing most almost all business processes);, security is a...
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    Windows Server 2008 - Prize giveaway

    Underlying your server’s performance is enough memory to cope with the load. 1TB of physical memory per server is yesterday’s news and the maximum Windows Server 2008 offered.
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    Afristay Giveaway - Win a weekend away and R1,000 spending money

    Hideaway Cape Town
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    Rate your mobile operator or ISP - R5,000 up for grabs

    C-Fibre from Cell C is just brilliant. Uncapped, unthrottled, unshaped. Haven't had a hiccup since joining. Don't have to upgrade to a higher speed, but want to (1st world problem). 10/10 with rice.