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    Opinions on Openserve fiber

    My area just got lit up for fiber and it seems the only provider is Openserve. Whilst im not too bothered with the price, I just want to know if anyone here has had experience with them as their primary fiber ISP and if i should rather wait on other ISPs to operate on the infrastructure? Since...
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    50M outside of Rain LTE-A coverage zone

    I am give or take 50m outside of the Rain LTE-A coverage zone and get full 4g coverage from within my home on my cellphone. Crystalweb are willing to send me a router and start a month to month contract even with these conditions. Should I bite the bullet on this and try it out??? :confused...
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    FTTH in Durban Westville/Pinetown area

    My home is currently 100m from a live fiber street and is in the area marked as "planned". I just want to know if anyone knows how to find out the ETA of the planned areas as the adsl exchange in this area can only go up to 2meg (kill me now pls :cry:). I'm also sitting in a dead zone for LTE-A...
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    Questions on upload rates in South Africa, who has control over this?

    Hi guys, recently i have been having a look at all the internet speed upgrades becoming available etc etc etc. Something interesting has caught my eye, and its that our upload speeds are horrible across the board regardless of your internet package, some say this is telkoms issue to sort out...