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    email of bandwidth usage reports

    The email of bandwidth usage reports will be reinstated again during the course of the day. There are a limited set of subscribers (less than half a percent) where the email will be held back. The reason for this is that the process now includes an audit process whereby reports which don't...
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    *READ FIRST* iBurst Billing & Customer Service Queries

    Please contact our call center first on 087 720 2020. Or Log the query on our website by clicking on the "Happy with us? Not? Tell us why" link, or directly here. The turnaround time is 24hrs. Alternatively, send us an email on the turnaround time is 48hrs to...
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    iBurst Speed Test Results

    Hi guys I would love to compare some speed test results taken by yourselves from various locations, times etc. I put together a lists of test I would like done. These tests should be done straight after one another to be able to give me a accurate comparison. 1) iBurst speed test...
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    Hi MyADSL contributors, My name is Shaun Green and many of you will know me already from my attempts to resolve your iBurst queries and to generally provide you with up to date and relevant information regarding our network, products and services. In order for us to communicate more often...