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    Fiber in Muizenberg, Western Cape

    The DFA coverage is growing as seen here for Muizenberg however they dont to Fiber to home :'( I dont know of any Fiber options in Duiker Gate which is right next to the Capricorn Business Park (which is full of fiber).... If anyone gets a lead that could...
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    Loadshedding... Battery Powered Technicolor TG589vn V3 Router

    Hi All! With Eskoms loadsheding I was wondering if it is possible to power the Technicolor TG589vn V3 Router via a 9V battery.:wtf: Must admit I don't know much about power hack jobs but Im sure I can get the parts needed at communica ect. The technical specifications read that the...
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    Muizenburg Conectivity

    I am moving to Muizenburg to a house that has no phone line (I'm renting it) - I need to get a form of uncapped wireless connectivity. Does IBurst have coverage? If not is there any alternatives confirmed as tried and test for a wimix / wireless in this area?
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    SSH Port Forwarding - Billion W40

    Hi All, I have set-up SSH port forwarding on my Billiobn w40 router, however when I want to add a second host I got through the same process and am presented with an error saying "Please check name!" thus I rename the application to ssh2 and it then just refreshes and does not add the second...
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    South African Survey Sites

    Hi All, Its been a while since my last post but hey I’m back :) I wanted to know if the illusion of making money via online surveys has any truth to it here in South Africa? Have any of you tried a local version of this and been paid ? If so tell us more ! JM
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    USB / Lamp Power via Telephone Jack

    Hi there, This is my first post here although I am an avid reader of posts! I am in the process of project whereby sourcing power for a (at first) lamp and with some consideration USB power from a telephone jack. I have done this before in the US and an example can be seen here I...