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    Gigabyte P34G i7 Laptop For Sale

    Item name (be very descriptive): Gigabyte P34 Laptop with Laptop Stand 14 inch Full HD Display i7 4700HQ CPU Gtx 760m + Intel HD4600 graphics 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram 500gb hdd (has msata slot for msata ssd) Backlit keyboard Authentic windows 10 Recently cleaned fans and applied new thermal...
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    (Trade) Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for Laptop

    So I'm getting bored with the limited gaming options on Android and want to get around to finishing up some of my games on Steam. In a few weeks I'll fortunately have some free time during work to play around so why not use it lol. The tablet I mainly used for Netflix and Crunchyroll (installed...
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    16gb DDR3 Ram to Swop for 8gb DDR4 Ram

    Item: x2 4gb Micron DDR3 1600mhz Dimms Age: Not Sure Price: Trade for 8gb DDR4 ram or sell all for R800 Warranty: None Packaging: Will find some packaging Condition: Good Location: Cape Town Reason: Upgrading platform Shipping: Will consider if no interest locally Collection: Yes Item: x2 4gb...
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    i7 4770 CPU for Sale

    Item name (be very descriptive): i7 4770 Socket 1150 (4th Gen) Age and condition: Not sure. Been using for over a year Do you include packaging: Yes (Anti-static bag) Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgrading platform Price: R1600 Negotiable: No Location: Cape Town Shipping or collection...
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    Batman or Spiderman

    Well, I miserably failed to create an alias username to post this but it doesn't seem to work at the POE (Place of Employment). Moving on...I'm picking up the SO straight after work to go to the Cine...don't worry, my PC is still backing up the Internet whilst I will be gone. We haven't...
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    Would changing to 802.11n router increase reliability and speed of 1mb connection

    Good day all, I currently have a Duoplus 300WR router (I know...). I bought the Totolink N300UA Wireless USB adaptor (802.11n able) to use since I'm approximately 30 metres (and 4 walls) from the router. I'm quite astonished that I'm able to a receive 2 bar signal. The problem is with the...