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    Took my lockdown project live last week, its a site that helps clients find and rate financial advisers. Hoping this can contribute to better outcomes for people needing financial advisers by offering more choice and searchability, with real client feedback through a structured and fair...
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    Firebase/ Bigquery/ Data Studio

    Looking for someone with experience in this pattern to help with a project on a consulting basis to create a dashboard and set up reports. PM me
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    React, Firebase Freelancer

    Looking for some help on a project. Inbox me if you have some capacity (not full time)
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    Dev / Snr Dev / Tech Lead (JHB)

    Looking to help a non SA startup find suitable resources locally as a start to building a team here. Ideally the the candidate would be a Dev looking for a long term role learning towards being a Tech lead. Culture fit the most important factor in the decision making process. Initially the role...