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    Are you happy with your medical aid?

    We are on the Discovery Comprehensive Classic, haven't had to co-pay for anything yet. When we were with Bonitas, it seemed like we had to co-pay for everything and some meds were not covered. It's a bit more expensive with Discovery but works out cheaper since there's no co-pay.
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    All I want is a chair somewhere...

    @crawler I am not sure, it could be around the R6500.
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    All I want is a chair somewhere...

    I have had this one for a year or so. I used it for gaming mostly, and my back loves me. I been sitting in it for around 8 hours a day, more some days. No issues for the last few months(we started working from home at the end of Feb)
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    Telkom East London down

    I thought it was just me. Hope it's sorted soon.
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    [Personal Experiences] Hisense TV's

    Does anyone know how to disable the auto dimming? I have the 43" uhd smart tv(HE43A6100UWTS).
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    [Personal Experiences] Hisense TV's

    Hi @Hisense SA I recently purchased a 43" Hisense TV with the following details: Model number: HE43A6100UWTS Software version: VA001.01.00a.I0730 Extended version: I0730 I have to reset the showmax and netflix app every other day. Could you link me to the firmware update? I tried the firmware...
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Thanks Dolby. The package arrived this afternoon. I'll be getting more stuff in the new year :) Thanks for keeping me informed on the order.
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    I got a wifi+3G iPad 2...I have never needed to use the 3G, have wifi at home and at work. Depends on your situation.
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    Petition to STOP the Kings and Saru from ruining Super rugby

    Lol, no point in even trying to argue.
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    Petition to STOP the Kings and Saru from ruining Super rugby

    Really? Look more closely at the players at the top and which school they are from. You will be surprised by how many come from the Border region.
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    So my iPad2 is Jail broken App searching

    Installous is awesome, I get to "try" an app before purchasing it. I have spent about $50 on cr@p apps so this way, I get to test then purchase.
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    Best iPad cover?

    I got a speck folio, paid about R399 at a cellphone shop. Makes my iPad look like a folder which I think is awesome. I don't like the clasp mechanism, I feel it will break sooner than later. Apart from that I am pretty happy with it.
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    Getting 2nd hand ipad 2 on Friday, things I need to do to get it working?

    I'm surprised the iPad made it through the King post office...electronics goods tend to get "lost" :) I tend to use adobe, doesn't seem to be a delay when I read 100+ mb PDF mags. Haven't tried the Kindle app though, will try it out
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    Best place to buy Itunes Vouchers?

    Used best buy a couple days ago, with my fnb credit card...everything went through fine.
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    iPad 2 at IC for R4399, should I buy it?

    I have only put it into my cellphone. I called them and they said I would have to rica it again. When i got the sim card, I waited 30 min for the system to rica the card, the guy said I can go because it will be rica'd by the time I get home. I'll have it rica'd at a pep in town(I live 120km)...
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    iPad 2 at IC for R4399, should I buy it?

    Got one from 8ta, rica'd it but it says "sim not provisioned" I'm assuming there was some sort of error in the process. Will go back there later today. ROFL, I sometimes have to endure 2-6hour meetings that have no bearing on my my work existence so after my initial productivity tool purchases...
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    iPad 2 at IC for R4399, should I buy it?

    Got a folio case from Cellular City, R399 :) Which service provider should I use? I'm mainly on wifi(work/home) but there are those times that I am in need of connectivity. I would like to use prepaid. Any preference in terms of service provider? I did notice that service providers have iPad...
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    iPad 2 at IC for R4399, should I buy it?

    I just kinda fiddled a bit with Dragonvale, free game ;) Terra browser is nice but I have not really utilised Safari to see the differences between the two. Which folio case do you suggest? There are tons on the net, ranging from R300 to R800.
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    iPad 2 at IC for R4399, should I buy it?

    Just a follow up. I got the iPad 2 on Friday. Have been fiddling around a bit, trying to tweak it. I settled for Quick Office HD, since I would need all three apps(Word processing, Spreadsheets and ppt presentations) Feeling pretty confident with the keyboard, still have to get used to the...