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    Paradox NV780MR tamper alarm

    Hi I've been facing some scarce, but real problems with the paradox NV780MR outdoor sensor. It would generate a "tamper" alarm, setting off the alarm system at random times of the day (no rain/sun hitting it/birds climbing on top of it). After a while, the tamper alarm would clear itself...
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    Has anyone used

    I was browsing pricecheck and stumbled upon a promising looking deal from: I cannot find anything online about them. Seems the site was registered January 2017, and they claim to have rebranded their old site: (registered 31 Aug 2016 by the same...
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    Moving from WebAfrica to Axxess (and back)

    I moved into a new home and thought to give "no.1" a try according to the latest mybroadband review, below my findings: Accounts WebAfrica never had any issues with payments/double billing even when migrating my line Axxess missed a payment in my first month & disabled my service. When...
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    LG NB5540 soundbar issues

    Anyone else experiencing issues when playing music via bluetooth to the LG NB5540 soundbar or playing a video on the TV and sound via "LG Sound Sync"? I recently got the NB5540 soundbar and the sound keeps skipping every now and then (especially when my phone is not directly next to the...
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    Afrihost - no dealing with Telkom they say

    Hi I am in need of an ISP that 1. knows what they are doing 2. provides you with service they claim to. Far too often have I found bad ISP service in South Africa and Afrihost rates next to Telkom/MWEB in my books. It is true that they respond next to instantly to any messages sent their...