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  1. Jewpacabra

    Car was paid off last month - What do I do now with regards to paperwork?

    Also did this recently. Paid R350 transfer fee and provided contact number. They delivered the papers to me.
  2. Jewpacabra

    I need a loan

    What rates have you been quoted so far?
  3. Jewpacabra

    Gladys has wet herself again... Brake fluid corrosion... Kind of relevant to the topic
  4. Jewpacabra

    NASA images of spacecraft landing on asteroid

    I think they said it’s Lockheed Martin. The guys who make fighter jets.
  5. Jewpacabra

    Buying a used Lexus in South Africa - 2011 LEXUS IS 250 ES or EX

    I wouldn’t try any additives. The IS250 uses direct injection, so just make sure it’s had it’s maintenance done on time and you shouldn’t have to worry about carbon buildup. The EX was the last of the model year range so it will have the best of the updates over the years (there were like 3 or...
  6. Jewpacabra

    Where do you save your rainy day fund?

    African Bank's Access Accumulation account starts at 6%
  7. Jewpacabra

    'Black Panther' star Chadwick Boseman has died

    Haven’t seen Black Panther but he was great in Message from the King. RIP
  8. Jewpacabra

    Is buying an older Hyundai Veloster worth it?

    That's the one with the missing/extra door?
  9. Jewpacabra

    Can a tracking device cause electrical problems in a car?

    A simple flat battery can cause all sorts of lights on the dashboard. Is the car driven daily or does it stand for days while you're working from home?
  10. Jewpacabra

    R500 diagnostic fee – is this now the norm at dealerships?

    You normally get roadside assistance for the length of the vehicle's warranty period
  11. Jewpacabra

    R500 diagnostic fee – is this now the norm at dealerships?

    Warranty and maintenance plan yet they still asked you to arrange to have the vehicle towed in yourself? Does roadside assistance not cover this? Hope you did not pay the AA for the tow as your insurance would've done this for free
  12. Jewpacabra

    Rain and storm for Cpt

    That little Yaris someone dodged getting damaged
  13. Jewpacabra

    Advice : Reliable car (Auto gear)

    Doesn't the Quest use the old 4 speed auto box and old school 1.6 engine combo?
  14. Jewpacabra

    Advice : Reliable car (Auto gear)

    The Ford automatic gearboxes (Powershift) had issues in the past. Have they sorted it out?
  15. Jewpacabra

    Advice : Reliable car (Auto gear)

    I really like the styling of the new Corolla hatch. Comes in auto (CVT). The 1.2 engine will be frugal. Modern and safe. Toyota warranty can be extended up to 7 years (doubt you'd need it) Just not sure about the hijack risk being a Toyota...
  16. Jewpacabra

    Wrestlers Shed Light on Industry’s Toxic Culture With #SpeakingOut

    Love it when he starts a rant on Trump
  17. Jewpacabra

    Wrestlers Shed Light on Industry’s Toxic Culture With #SpeakingOut

    Must be one of those outlaw mudshow wrestlers or Sh+tstain behind it. Or even Kenny Olivier
  18. Jewpacabra

    Are manual cars still a thing? Is there even a future for the old gear stick?

    I still enjoy driving manual cars, just not on the daily commute. Automatic wins in that regard. But I'd happily get an older manual GTi or some sports coupe to enjoy weekends.