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    South Africa's second COVID-19 wave proves far deadlier than first wave

    Ok so the stats do say it is more deadly, but it seems the transmission rate was expected to be linear yet diseases spread at an exponential rate so that 50% shouldn't be a surprise? or am I missing something?
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    Ematic 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box (AGT419) Feedback

    Ok got mine today and played with it a bit. The initial setup was very simple but that said it did crash a few times while i tried to youtube and it was downloading updates in the background. I have it hooked up to my 4k tv via hdmi and my soundbar via optical out. Now everything just works very...
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    Ematic 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box (AGT419) Feedback

    Anyone know if you can install youtube vanced on this thing? tempted by that takealot deal
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    The PC Build Thread

    R20 benchmarks?
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    Massive extension for expired driver’s licences in South Africa

    I have that issue. I have no idea what to do about it but technically I can still get fines now
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    Is Rain worth it?

    I would stick with that. That rain 5g can be iffy and its very dependent on where you live, but maybe someone who has it in your area can comment on the speed.
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    Is Rain worth it?

    If you want reliable is fiber not in your area?
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    2020 Opel Corsa GSi - An affordable midlife crisis purchase?

    My financed 2006 says otherwise. I think dealers can get away with older cars more easily
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    The PC Build Thread

    Just looking at them, the msi has better power delivery
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    Car Insurance: Cheaper Lockdown alternatives

    I moved to king prices chilli cover. Its cheaper and if i drive less then 500km per month its even cheaper still. I had to either fit a tracker or agree to send in my odo monthly if i want the low usage discount. Cant comment on how service is as i just started but i'm enjoying the savings so far
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    Spotify Premium Family plan launched in South Africa

    yep just upgraded to it. my old stuff is still there and separate from the other family members. it does do a mix that in theory the whole family will like apparently
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    Ford Fiesta ST or Peugeot 208 GTi

    How so? Compared to a 3 door hatchback?
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    Ford Fiesta ST or Peugeot 208 GTi

    toyota 86? otherwise a well cared for ST
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    New Computer Monitor

    I also have the S2719DGF. My biggest issue with it is the ancient menu system, I come from an LG with a joystick which was very nice to use. Once its setup it performs great and i enjoy the high hertz freesync/gsync more then I thought I would.
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    What car do you drive?

    99 Lexus. Bullet proof and comfortable