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  1. callvm

    Recommended forex broker?

    I'm looking to reduce my exposure in SA without actually having to move my assets out of the country. I'd like to take positions in foreign currency to hedge against some of my other trading activities. Can anyone recommend a decent forex broker with low fees and tight spreads? I've Googled but...
  2. callvm

    Does paying rent affect credit score?

    I'm 23 and got my first credit card a month ago. I've used it a bit, made 1 payment so far, and my credit score is a whole 3 points (yay). I've heard before that paying rent can help boost your credit score, and I've been paying rent where I live for the past 6 months, but this doesn't seem to...
  3. callvm

    Please explain income tax to me

    So I have recently registered as a taxpayer and will be paying taxes for the first time in the 2021 tax year. I am a bit confused about what I found on SARS website regarding "income tax thresholds". SARS say that for the 2021 year, anyone under the age of 65 will not pay tax if their taxable...
  4. callvm

    Best bank for fast international payments?

  5. callvm

    Applying for jobs without degree?

    So I'm 23 and looking to enter the workforce as a software dev. Have been programming for around 4 years and been working as a freelance dev for the past 2, taking on clients from all around the world and building a variety of different programs, websites etc. I'm in the process of doing a Bcom...