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    New household tax proposed for funding the SABC

    Ok boomer ;) Problem with the bbc is they havent changed their model since TV was invented! E.g. the no adverts are just because there weren't adverts... Anyone know what proportion of SABC funding is from licenses vs ads vs payments from dstv etc?
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    New household tax proposed for funding the SABC

    That's right. My understanding was that BBC is also if you have a capable as screen (i.e. a tv) then you should be paying. If you play *their* content on your computer, then you are expected to have a tv license (very much unenforceable, but meh!). But there is no "use netflix, should pay"...
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    The prices of popular South African cars in their home countries

    It's almost as if the huge duty on vehicle imports just increases prices... weird that one huh!
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    New household tax proposed for funding the SABC

    ...And it's about R3000 per year too (£159/yr)!... but at least you don't get ads... (it's a crazy system.. but there we go!)
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    [W] Breville Barista Express

    Descaling / cleaning. Can't you just use the tartic or acetic acid next to the baking powder in the store? Also it's not like the water is hard in Cape Town... so descaling should not be required that often, surely?
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    South Africa's shocking mathematics performance

    Without maths you can't have a 2nd industrial revolution, forget a 4th!
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    [W] Breville Barista Express

    Now you've bought one- I'm sure there are loads of adverts popping up for second hand ones... :) Would appreciate if you see any, nudging them my way!
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    EOH CEO explains why staff take a salary hit while execs score millions

    Not capitalism. Its not the owners screwing the employees, its management. If the owners thought it through - they would have to decide which people are worth the money and which aren't. No idea if the retrenched staff or senior management add any value at EOH though!
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    Prepaid electricity

    Its a typical bar room conversation. Both are right. The first 400 units will cost you LESS than the 2nd, but it doesn't matter if buy 400 now and 400 later or 800 now. Overall the cost will be the same (excluding any transaction costs!)
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    Prepaid electricity

    Right. So assuming you are on Tshwane directly and not indigent connected. Its very interesting... At 800kwh every month, you're always buying in the top band -- over 650kwh. As such it doesn't really matter when you buy, but make sure you DO buy at least 650kwh every month. First block...
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    Prepaid electricity

    Shouldn't make a difference. If you buy 800 in total every calendar month But... Better to buy 600 every month than buy 800, 400, 800 (need to check the exact rates to be sure).
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    Linux for the masses - is it feasible?

    Answer is depends on what you mean by "the masses" Answer is, its better than an exploited xp/win7 alternative. Is it hard to run very old hardware on the internet. Yes... updates are a fact of life if you're letting your computer see the world. Suck it up or buy new hardware.
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    Why a ‘wealth tax’ would be more like a ‘middle class tax’ in South Africa

    Old people are wealthy but have little income. Thats what pensions/retirement is. Makes sense, tax all the whities who voted during apartide!
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    Eskom forced to take control of parts of municipalities

    They arent "giving it up" its been forced on them by a court. For some of these municipalities it may not even be the honey pot you think. If they arent managing demand, arent in good control of tariffs and unmetered leaks, maintenance etc... Then it may make sense to let Eskom take back...
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    Eskom wants to avoid “price shock” through phased tariff hikes – De Ruyter

    Generators don't have economies of scale so much outside of 1 or 2 plants. Its the generators that need competition. Grids do have natural monopolies... And so should be regulated. Then again, what we are seeing with fiber roll out, maybe its not quite as clear cut. If there's enough threat...
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    Eskom wants to avoid “price shock” through phased tariff hikes – De Ruyter

    Well yes of course. I could draw some lovely supply and demand curves. It is becoming less monopoly like due to the substitution effect of PV, and before that reduction in demand effects of LEDs, Heat Pumps etc etc. The price elasticity of demand for Electricity is probably getting much closer...
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    Eskom wants to avoid “price shock” through phased tariff hikes – De Ruyter

    Economics 201... Monopoly power. All monopolies result in under supply at higher prices.
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    Landlord claiming my whole deposit

    He still had to pay back deposit plus 3 percent interest, minus 2500 for hedge and R1000 for paint and I think it was 8k for the 8% increase (that we didnt agree to) for the 3 months over the original lease. We did win half of our claim for the 4 days that he agreed NOT to charge us rent whilst...
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    Do Sodastreams create carbonated water similar in quality to Schweppes Soda Water?

    Okay... But still, where do I get the CO2! Already have an adapter to a paintball co2 canister, but cant get that filled at the few places Ive tried. All online places will only send you empties...