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    Commercial Common Area - Duty to minimise costs?

    Hi everyone. Been working with a few clients on solar and metering and getting a repeated problem across many malls where a tenants own usage is dwarfed by their common area charges. For example, own usage R2000 cost, but common area R4000 for "air con common area" + R5000 for unmetered common...
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    Openserve Slow - Bishopscourt/Newlands?

    Anyone else experience slow (i.e. <1mbps) on openserve in Bishopscourt area? Got an SMS saying openserve were dealing with something, but no idea on timeframe?
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    PCB Manufacture and Assembly

    Hi guys - asking for a friend honest :) But anyone know of a good and QUICK supplier of: A. PCB Manufacturing - normally get china (JLC?) or a certain company in CT (rhymes with slacks) B. PCB assembly - we have used 2 CT companies, but both have given poor results (missed/wrong components)...
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    Telkom OOB

    Anyone know how to set Telkom SIMs to USE out of bundle forever? It used to be that you could go to a particular URL and it would ask you to confirm; however that seems to have gone and now SIM's only use Out of Bundle for one month Does anyone know how to set-and-forget -- i.e. just let...
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    Renewing Relative/Life Partner/Spousal Permit?

    Anyone successfully renewed their temporary residence visa since May 2014? In particular I'm asking about people who have renewed their relative permit (e.g. spousal, life partner, whatever you have) Mine runs out in 24 days... it really snuck up on me. But I'm always in and out of the...
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    Anyone want R60 of 8ta airtime?

    I know it's a strange question. I'm porting my number over to Cell-C this evening; so anyone who wants the R60 left on my 8ta let me know. Unfortunately none of my friends are on 8ta anymore... but I can't stand Telkom getting it for nothing :) Consider it a no-strings attached favor... first...