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    Resigning from CC

    Has anyone here resigned from a CC / other small business? I would like to resign from an business I used to run with another person. I am struggling to get any communication with this person lately so would like to cut ties. The business doesn't owe any money, and has negligible assets. I...
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    Imac 27 2012 power supply board

    Howdy Any advice on the best place to order a power supply board for my late 2012 Imac 27" Perhaps someone that sells broken Imacs for parts The machine used to run great (even sometimes better than my MBP 16inch) , I upped the ram to 24GB and installed an SSD so I really want to fix it This...
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    The swimming thread

    Did a quick search and didn't find a thread on swimming Lets discuss our training (pool and open water) Since last week I am back in the pool after a long break (sea ban didn't help) I swim in the pool with a masters group, and our sea swims were just a few informal whatsapp groups In the...
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    Anyone with a mild cold that wont go away?

    I had a bad cold when I was in the UK in January (who knows what it actually was :P ) I returned to SA in Feb and since then I have had a on/off mild head cold that just wont go away Symptoms: - Post nasal drip - Sometimes blocked nose and sinus - Just feeling bleh - Temperature is normal...
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    Homeplug Av2 and SA wiring standards

    It seems homeplug AV2 is not so popular here in terms of stock available. That lent me to think maybe our wiring is not 100% compatible? Av2 seems to use the earth line to enable MIMO for faster speeds, does anyone know if the whole house normally shares the same earth line like they would a...
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    Sim swap and pickup in different town

    Howdy I have a data contract for my Dad, he is in CT, I am in PE I had to buy a new router for him as it looks like vodacom has re-farmed 3g frequency in his area for LTE and his router only does 3g The new router is micro sim though :( Does anyone know if I can go into Vodacom PE and...
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    Small inverter / transformer for solar to 5v / usb

    Hello Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere I am looking for either a inverter or transformer type device that I can connect a small (50-100w) solar panel to and it will present me with 5v / usb for charging small devices like cell phones / battery packs in emergency. Inverter makes less...
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    Non 5g areas that you pick up 65573 network id

    I thought it would be interesting to track where you can pick up the 65573 network id as a indication where the rain 5g network will be expanding next. As anyone can check on their phone I assume this is public info
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    Uncapped offpeak can be prorated

    Morning Not sure if this was already mentioned but I noticed that the offpeak uncapped can be activated instantly now and prorated till end of month. You used to have to wait till beginning of next month.
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    huawei b618-65d (telkom bands) (sold)

    Item name: Huawei B618-65d LTE Router Age and condition: 2nd hand about 12 months, fair condition Do you include packaging: No, have a box for a 22d model Warranty: No Reason for selling: Got fibre so dont use lte anymore Price: R1500 Negotiable: Yes Location: Port Elizabeth Shipping or...
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    Ipad USSD?

    Cut up my mtn prepaid card Now im not sure if my dada bundle has expired, normally i would fire up the data modem app on my laptop and issue ussd commands A bit stuck on the Ipad how to do this, went to the mtn services menu on settings, but it just gives an error Does mtn have a...
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    Cell c 3.5g sim card in Ipad

    What will happen if I put my new cell c sim card inside the Ipad Given that the Ipad doesnt support 3g at 900mhz would it use edge? Edit: I am asking as I dont want to cut it to micro sim size and it doesnt work at all... lol