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    NaTIS Drivers License Renewal 0 Slots Available

    Using NaTIS is mandatory to book a slot before going to DLTC to renew Drivers License. For the past week (I am sure longer for most people on hellopeter there have been 0 slots available...
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    Neighbours loud music

    I approached the police mentioning the neighbour is playing loud music and threatened me when asked to put it softer. They say that they can't log a report because its not considered a threat. When asked to explain what a threat is, they reenacted some form of threat by repeating the word...
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    Aircon office open roof tile

    I sit under an open roof tile block, one of those rectangular foam roof blocks that offices have but in this case its shifted open ajar, I asked admins if they could close it but was soon advised that it is needed to be open because the aircon requires it. My question is whether it is safe, in...
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    Kia Picanto 2012 1.2 EX Man

    I have checked other posts regarding the Kia Picanto 2012 but I am still curious as to whether the performance of the car is admirable? I am also curious about service costs, part costs and maintenance costs. I was wondering if anyone has this car and could comment about their experience...
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    iPhone Vodacom Repairs

    I was just wondering how Vodacom handles repairs for iPhone? The speaker on my iPhone stops working at random times during phone calls and the home button isn't fully functional. If I take it to Vodacom will they take it in for repairs or replace it?
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    iPhone Speaker Problems

    Has anyone had a problem when they received a phone call and the phone speaker stopped working? It started doing this randomly.
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    Iburst on HelloPeter

    I am wondering how many forum members have checked out the amount of complaints against Iburst on HelloPeter? Some of them I can relate to and I even added my own complaint on there for the Accounts Supervisor who asked for my Credit Card details...
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    Hacktivate error with greenpois0n

    I tried sending fxit_man a private message but his inbox is apparently full, so I am going to post my query here maybe someone else perhaps knows how to fix this? I tried to hacktivate my friends iphone 3GS (firmware 2,1_4.3.5) I used greenpoison to hacktivate it without a sim card but it...
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    Afrikaans Spellchecker

    Is there a native afrikaans spell checker for the iPhone4?
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    How many times have you dropped your iPhone?

    I dropped it about 20x. Luckily I got this heavy duty cover that protrudes from the front which protects the screen.
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    Gelaskin customization

    Has anyone created their own custom gelaskin yet?
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    iPhone cover watermarks

    I bought a translucent ruber cover for my iPhone. When I put it on it creates a wet pressed mark at the back. The warning that came inside the cover says that this happens with hard cases. Does anyone know how do I fix this? ...excuse all the innuendoes
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    Cellphone Scam (Selling 2nd hand)

    I wanted to sell my cellphone - Sony Vivaz because I got a new phone. I advertised it on gumtree and got a call for the phone within 3 days. The caller asked if we could meet during the same day at Rosebank to do the trade. I agreed and we met outside in the parking lot at Rosebank. We sat in my...
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    Connecting iBurst to PS3

    I am using windows 7 and have tried sharing network in the LAN properties and iBurst PPOE properties but ps3 does not obtain the ip address from the iburst modem. Am I missing a step? I also have a D-Link DSL-264OU wireless G ADSL+2 router which is not WLAN enabled so I cant use the router...
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    Do I need to download the patches if I start a new account with Cataclysm?

    I havent played world of warcraft yet but i do know that there are alot of patches. If i purchase all the games up until the cataclysm expansion will i still need to download the previous patches?
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    64kbps on a 128kbps uncapped???

    I am paying for 128kbps uncapped but why does this say that Iburst only allows for 64kbps?
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    Buses/Taxis from Joburg CBD to Woodmead

    Are there any taxis or buses that leave from Ghandi Square to Woodmead?
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    Iburst website

    I typed Iburst into google and received links to ibroadband which is probably their new marketing campaign. The problem with this is that I just wanted a link to the classic iburst website:, to access my account. I entered the link to iburst into my address bar and tried to log...
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    Slow Surfing and Downloading Speed from Iburst

    I have been receiving slow internet surfing and downloading speeds for the past week from Iburst. This happens even when I have a 100% reception. I was preoccupied with other things during the week to be bothered to phone a technician, so i left it until Friday. I spoke to a...
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    How to detect which programs which are downloading in the background?

    I notice my data transfer rates going up and down without any internet activity. I also blocked applications on my firewall that i thought would be the culprits like adobe but sadly it is not adobe this time around.