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    Taxation of overseas dividends

    As per thread title, I'm looking for information on how overseas dividends are taxed in SA. The ETFs are domiciled in the US. I'm seeing conflicting information that they are taxed as normal income, and that they are taxed at a max effective rate of 20%. Anyone have any idea?
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    Openserve speeds higher than line speed

    Something's happened in the past few days - I consistently get 110Mb/s on a 100/50 line. Previously I could only get 98Mb/s - anyone else noticing this on their Openserve connection? This is happening on multiple different ISP accounts (Webafrica and Vox).
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    Argentina Passes "Millionaire's Tax" to Fund Covid-19 Recovery

    A preview of what's in store for us. Interesting Reddit thread discussing it: Cliff notes: "woke" idiots in 1st world countries championing the great idea. In the same thread, Argentinians...
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    Half rack colocation in JHB

    Any recommendations for the above? A client of mine needs a half rack, redundant 8A power, dual 100mbps uplinks, 99.9% SLA, 24h access, remote hands.
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    This looks interesting, but a little dodgy: I don't think using your R10m investment allowance for this is actually legal (hence the reason for the pricing differential).
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    The latest Ponzi scheme - Oakshield Asset Management

    Advertised to me on FB. No way is this legit.
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    Pensions may fund recovery - leaked ANC document

    And here we have it - the solution to all our money problems. I got it wrong - I thought we'd have prescribed assets first, but it seems like...
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    Living will

    Warning: Morbid topic ahead. Having seen video footage and read articles about the horrors that are currently happening in hospitals across the world, I'm considering a living will. There doesn't seem to be actual legislation in SA regarding living wills, so is there even a point in having one...
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    WACS is broken again

    Great timing. Webafrica latency up to 300ms internationally before 8am on a weekend.
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    Office chair

    Item name: Office chair Age and condition: ~2 years. Like new, excellent condition. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Moving house and no longer needed. Price: R 400.00 Negotiable: Yes Location: Morningside, Sandton Shipping or collection: Collection only
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    Leather recliner

    Item name: Brown Leather Recliner Age and condition: ~5 years. Like new, excellent condition. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not enough space in the new place I'm moving to. Price: R 1750.00 Negotiable: Yes Location: Morningside, Sandton Shipping or collection...
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    Tescom Apex 1200 UPS

    Item name: Tescom Apex 1200 UPS Age and condition: ~1 year. Works perfectly. Some scratches on the case. Batteries have about 20 cycles since new. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: No longer used Price: R 450.00 Negotiable: No Location: Morningside, Sandton Shipping...
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    Tescom pure sine wave UPS

    Item name: Tescom/Micro Matla 2kva UPS (Pure sinewave model, also has transformer, LED display of input/output voltage). 24V - includes 2 7AH internal batteries, but also supports external batteries via separate inputs. Will throw in separate battery box with wheels (takes 2x100AH batteries...
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    Shocking Openserve service

    Shockingly good that is! My fibre stopped working on Friday - Openserve showed up today and we discovered some building contractors ran their cement mixer through a whole lot of cables, pulling down 3 street poles and making a complete mess. It looks like a few week job to fix, so I resigned...
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    RSA 10Y bonds

    Yikes, biggest single day rise since Zuma installed Des van Rooyen in 2015. Can't really see why it's jumped so much.
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    Gigabyte Aero 15

    Anyone have/used Gigabyte Aero laptops? I'm looking for something reasonably portable with decent enough CPU/GPU mostly for work and some Starcraft 2. Budget is around 30K+VAT, so I'm looking at the Aero 15 Classic RTX2060 + i7-9750H. Interested to hear thoughts on quality, thermal throttling...
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    Webafrica is the worst ISP I've ever dealt with

    Last month I called in to cancel my line to move it to Afrihost. I was persuaded to stay if they matched the price and offering (40/20 uncapped); I was promised that my service would be changed and I'd be billed the new amount from the 1st (i.e. yesterday). They logged a ticket and I expected...
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    To financially emigrate or not?

    Finally, a well written article which clears up all the confusion around tax residency, new expat tax and financial emigration:
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    Ebucks for sale

    I have 35K eB for sale @11c ea = R 3850.00.
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    Thunderbolt 3 eGPU

    Anyone know where I can source an external GPU enclosure locally? Everywhere seems to be out of stock.