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    Ikon Tablet with speaker

    For Sale/Trade Template Item name (be very descriptive): Ikon Tablet with speaker Age and condition: few years, never used Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: need money Price: 1500 (ONCO) Negotiable: Yes Location: cape town Shipping or collection: both
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    Buying my first house

    I have started to look around for houses, contacting agents from online listings. The only thing I know is that I need to get a pre-approval from the bank just to be sure that I know what amount I can afford. Then the agent will take care of the rest of the paperwork. I dont know anything more...
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    Bluetooth headset with mute button

    I am looking for a bluetooth headset with a mute button. I am working from home and mostly use skype or teams for meetings. I like to walk around during long meeting but have to run back to my laptop to mute/unmute. Currently using a jbl t450 bt (doesnt have a mute button) Was looking at this...
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    Unpaid Invoice

    A debit order bounced because of insufficient funds. How do I pay you now ? I got this email and I followed the link, but I cant see any option to pay :- A debit order against your account was returned as "unpaid" by your bank. This could be due to incorrect banking details, or insufficient...
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    Motion games

    I wanted to buy an xbox with a kinect. Primary reason was to keep my 4 year old busy and I and my wife can have some fun with the motion sense games. Also I wanted to play god of war, which i am not able to on my desktop. The last time I played a motion sensing game was several years back at my...
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    Children play fence

    Where can I find something like this locally? #Aliexpress ZAR 504.86 | Indoor Baby Playpens Outdoor Games Fencing Children Play Fence Kids Activity Environmental Protection plastic Play Yard
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    Help me understand Car Insurance

    I drive an 8 year old Etios which has a market value of R75000. I have a third party insurance for which I pay R111. I want to get comprehensive insurance but they ask for R650 and its too expensive for this cheap car. I am willing to risk and pay for any damages that happen in an accident...
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    PC restarting on its own

    My pc is just showing me the motherboard logo and then shuts down and restarts. Left it off for a couple of minutes, pc started successfully, used it for a couple of minutes and then it started doing the same thing again. Where do I start troubleshooting?
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    Best option to print photos

    So I have a lots photos mostly of my kids growing up and it's becoming too hectic to keep track of all the photos over the years and I decided to get them printed. I have a Brother ink tank printer but the color print seems to fade over time(less than 2 months) so that's not an option. what I...
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    new birth registration

    I was wondering what the new child birth registration process is now during lockdown ? This is my first child, in South Africa. The hospital says don't worry home affairs is closed :rolleyes: . Is this right ? Also I am not comfortable taking my newborn to home affairs given the current...
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    India stops Malaria drug export, Trump threatens retaliation Looks like a beginning of a trade war between India and US.
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    Car finance question

    My wife bought a second hand car on finance. Now we plan to pay more than the regular finance amount to save some interest. My question is, how does excess payment help reduce the total loan amount. Original Capital Balance : R 151,207.50 Instalment Amount : R 3,053.50 Outstanding Capital...
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    I want one of these

    I would definately want to buy one of these. The software sucks, I hope they come up with an english and android version
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    noise on Asus Xonar MKII

    I recently acquired an Asus Xonar MKII and cant get rid of the noise that I hear when the RCA Cable is connected to my logitech Z623. I already have a creative soundblaster Z connected to my motherboard, this gives me no problems. What I have tested till now with the Xonar:- - headphones, no...
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    suggest a scary movie I can watch tonight

    as the title says
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    Have u watched a movie with directors commentary

    I am a fan of the Big bang theory and they seem to mention this in several episodes. I have never watched a movie with directors commentary, have u ? If yes do tell which movie was it and was it worth watching with the additional chit chat.
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    help choosing a fridge

    Buying a new fridge is more complicated than I anticipated. Using a 190L fridge and space is just not enough so the new one needs to be around 300L. The budget is around R5000, wife wants a frost-free fridge but not necessary. To make things worse the fridge has to less than 160cm in height or...
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    help me upgrade my car audio

    I have never done this before so any guidance would be really appreciated. I drive a toyota etios with stock audio system and two front speakers. Happy with the sound quality but just want two speakers in back for a little more sound. I visited Soundmatch, they pointed out that the stock radio...
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    sharing a fiber connection

    I have a fiber connection and my neighbors dont. What I was thinking of is getting a 1GBPS connection and then sharing it with my neighbors on my left and right. Lets say they both agree and they are completely trustworthy in terms of payment and everything. Also setup cost doesnt matter as long...