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  1. marhsava

    Ellies Inverter voltage

    Bit of a noob with this ,I got a 1440W/2400VA Ellies Inverter , my question is what should the battery voltage read , my one is stuck at 220volts , should it read 224volts?
  2. marhsava

    FNB Connect

    Does anyone know if there is a physical FNB connect store.
  3. marhsava

    Android 10 available for Mate 20 pro

    Android 10 is now available for the mate 20 pro via the HiCare app , not sure about the mate 20
  4. marhsava

    AARTO infringement notice SMS

    Has anyone received a SMS from AARTO saying you need to pick up your infringement notice at your post office? If you did ,what was it ?
  5. marhsava

    Budget Soundbar

    So what is a good budget soundbar for a bedroom( budget is R1000 to R1500)
  6. marhsava

    Traffic Fines

    Out off curiosity, how many of you'll pay your traffic Fines?
  7. marhsava

    News24 website

    Why does the website feel cluttered or is it just me?
  8. marhsava

    Reporting Car Accident

    Okay so I know you have 24 hours to report a Accident but what happens if you don't report it within 24 hours? Also do you have to report it at the nearest police station where the accident happened ?
  9. marhsava

    Wine Tours Cape Town

    so I will be going down to cape town for a holiday, which wine tours do you'll recommend or can you'll provide me with links :)
  10. marhsava

    Cancelling Cellphone Contract Early

    Not sure if there is an updated thread on this but who knows the rules/calculation you have to pay to cancel your contract early with MTN,Vodacom and Telkom?
  11. marhsava

    Momentum provident fund

    Hey guys, how long does it take for Momentum to pay out your provident fund?
  12. marhsava

    Debt Review and resigning

    okay so my friend just quit her job(due to personal reasons) and she is under debt review. my question is what will happen to her if she can't pay the debt review company, do they freeze her accounts? , she only has unsecured loans, no assets involved. P.S. she won't be finding another job...
  13. marhsava

    Once off SIM and connection fee

    quick question, do all the networks still make you pay upfront a Once off SIM and connection fee when you take out a new contract?
  14. marhsava

    Android TV box

    So which is the best android TV box to buy that supports Hulu and Netflix.
  15. marhsava

    Discovery Keycare 2019

    Is there any discovery brokers on here that can explain the difference between Keycare plus and Keycare start?
  16. marhsava

    Private number phone calls

    Okay so my SO is getting calls from a private number the whole week, this guy talks kak with her, she hangs up but he calls again after an hour, any idea what we can do, we can't block his number cause obviously it's on private.
  17. marhsava

    Fedhealth or Discovery Medical aid

    So I am thinking about changing from discovery to fedhealth, fedhealth seems much more cheaper and offer better benefits then discovery. Any one had experience with fedhealth? , Are they good or bad , or is there anything better discovery cause they seem to expensive now. P.S. really don't...
  18. marhsava

    Sublet Tax

    So if I have to sublet my house do I pay any tax or whats the process? And also let's say if I need to apply for a car finance, can I use the rental income as another source of income or only my salary can be used?
  19. marhsava

    Active Telkom SIM

    Okay so I got my Telkom data contract delivered to me but the courier didn't ask me for RICA documents , any idea how I can active the SIM?
  20. marhsava

    Darkest legal tint

    Quick question , I know the darkest legal tint in SA is 35% but what are the implications if you go over that?