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    Questions about SA's proposed "porn block"

    Hi Long-time forum member, specialised in telecoms law esp. ISPs and part of the committee responsible for this proposal catching so much love on the forum. Happy to answer questions on what is being proposed; will ignore stupid. A few things: - materials if you want to educate yourself...
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    workshop on classification of games by the FPB (26 March)

    only saw an invite for this today... ...if you want to go send them an rsvp
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    National Broadband Colloquium 18, 19 November

    According to an advert published in the Sunday Times on 8 November 2009, the Department of Communications is hosting a National Broadband Colloquium to afford the public an opportunity to provide input on the Draft Broadband Policy for South Africa. Date: 18 to 19 November 2009 Venue...
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    Right to Broadband in Finland yip, the country where I'd quite like to be ...
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    Feedback please: ADSL + telkom voice services

    Hi Serious thread please. As an ADSL subscriber do you use the telkom voice service? Do you pay the bundled line rental purely so you can access ADSL and not use POTS at all? If so please post your location (city / town etc) + your line speed. Edit: Please only post in this thread if you do...
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    google west coast cable anyone?

    i have heard stories from two sources of google planning to construct a cable down the west coast as part of a larger cable system and as a necessary further step in global domination there is clearly some substance to this...
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    Minister's Budget Speech 4 June 2008

    full text for those with insomina / rage issues
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    Ivy branches off

    Dear Minister My own personal note to say: Goodbye. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. yours substantially dominic