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    Poor speeds on CellC

    Hi I have a cellc contract and purchased 50GB for R500. My area is apparently under LTE coverage but I get extremely poor speeds. I can hardly use the data that I purchased. Can the CellC rep assist. See speed test attached.
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    Fiber order - Frogfoot

    Hi After checking that my area has fiber on afrihost's coverage map, I put in an order for the 10Mb deal with Frogfoot. Order was created and installation and delivery paid. I've been talking to the technicians on afrihost WhatsApp group however who informed me that fiber is not live in my...
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    CellC sim activation - can't make calls

    Hi I ported to cellc yesterday from MTN at around 1pm. Around 9pm last night my MTN sim stopped working, so I inserted the CellC sim. I recharged last night already but now I can't seem to make calls. I get a voice recorded message about dialing *147# for emergency airtime. Does the sim need...
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    Best Life Insurance

    Hi Guys I'm curious as to which insurer is currently providing the best life cover+disability benefit+severe illness benefit combo? Liberty? Old Mutual? Discovery? Momentum? PPS (I do qualify as an engineer with a 4-year degree)? What's everyone else using? Any financial advisers or...
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    Deactivated SIM on Axxess

    I had signed up initially for a 1GB mobile data bundle with Axxess using a prepaid number. I then upgraded it to a 5GB mobile data bundle towards the end of last month to start 1 Aug 2015. I had used the prorata data last month (on 25 July to be exact), however when I tried to connect to the...