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    Fibre price face-off in South Africa following Openserve wholesale changes

    Have Openserve/Axxess and have not had my speed upgrade as of yet. Was on 20mbps, so waiting for that bump to 50mbps. Fingers crossed.
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    Tax revolt in South Africa over TV licence fees

    I scored, first TV I "owned" was a rent to own through Teljoy. They sorted out the TV lic. When I fulfilled my contract and was handed over the TV lic account, it has always said R0 outstanding, think Teljoy has been paying my fees for 10 plus years. Haha
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    It is official, Port Elizabeth has a new name — Gqeberha

    Sorry what? Unbelievable...
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    Bitcoin jumps past $50,000

    Where have you been for the last 4 or 5 months? This Steynburg oke is a gazillionaire after stealing who knows how much in bitcoin... In South America chilling. No extradition...
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    Bitcoin jumps past $50,000

    Johann Steynburg, sipping on pina coladas and laughing!
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    These are the revised level 3 lockdown rules

    Then stay where you are, or are you hoping someone spoon feeds you the information you need?
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    Openserve confirms free fibre and ADSL speed upgrades for ISPs

    Are they not two separate entities? They are competitors in the same market...
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    Openserve confirms free fibre and ADSL speed upgrades for ISPs

    I have an Openserve line through Axxess, sure they will come through. Here's hoping...
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    Xiaomi showcases portless smartphone with quad-curved display

    Gauranteed they will be making that in the near future. Xiaomi are making massive strides in closing the gap between the current "big 3". Anything to get the lead in the market, they will find a way to produce it.
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    Bitcoin breaks above $38,000 following Elon Musk tweet

    Fully agree, when you have that influence... Use it.
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    Why Cell C is migrating its contract customers to Vodacom's network

    So some will be on MTN and some on Vodacom? Or eventually everyone moved to Vodacom? Can someone shed more light? Much appreciated.
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    Vehicle licence renewal problems in South Africa

    Spar at Menyln Maine processed both vehicles licenses with a week of each being renewed. In December this was...
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    How Elon Musk became the richest man in the world

    When MTI give me my $195 billion payout then that becomes a possibility...
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    How Elon Musk became the richest man in the world

    It is, and our mascot is the Whippet dog. Would be nice if he donated some money as an old boy. Could do some lovely upgrades.
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    Government looking at tougher lockdown for South Africa – including a move to level 4 restrictions

    So level 4 lock down, and load shedding. This is a fantastic 2021!
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    Beware, MTI members

    Very little knowledge on this sort of stuff. So... My mom in laws brother, invested in MTI, but they withdrew everything in Sep or Oct. Would they be sued for their money and/or profit they made?
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    Ramaphosa to address South Africa on Monday over Covid-19 developments

    Has logic escaped some of the decision makers? Sorry for those severely affected by the level 3 lockdown.
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    DStv offers free Premium content for all packages in December

    That's a negative ghost rider... Don't need dstv in this day and age.