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    My CS:GO Twitch stream

    Hey guys! I'm part of a CS team called Care Bear Kill Squad, and we're doing a fun little experiment where we see what rank we can get to using only pistols/utilities/knives/zeuses. We started with new unranked accounts and each stream we will win 2 games until we get ranked. Twitch link...
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    I made a Vidi mobile app.

    On Saturday night I signed up for the Vidi trial. Although they don't have boat-loads of stuff, I think it's cool that they're trying. And I'm 100% sure it will continue to improve and be awesome. Playing around with the site I realize what people are complaining about. Every time you click...
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    bidorbuy for Windows Phone!

    This morning we published the official bidorbuy app for Windows Phone 8! I've got a whole bunch of gifs from the app here:
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    Xbox One voice commands

    I thought some of you might be interested in how the voice commands work for a South African. They are hit-and-miss with my normal voice, but putting on a slight "American" accent makes them work pretty much 100%. Voice has always been a novelty to me, but this is the first system I have seen...
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    DStv Guide app

    The official DStv Guide app is out!
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    MWEB, you fail.

    I have been a subscriber to mweb for quite a while, and have always recommended their services to people. And have had pretty good service overall, so thank you. At the end of December I moved into a new house. I am renting and it had a phone line already, so I could just add ADSL. Telkom...