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    Pet Food

    Does anybody know how one becomes a reseller of petfood. Specifically optimizor, montego brands. Can one buy these in bulk to resell. What would be considered bulk amount
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    SAP Training

    I just finished a diploma in financial information systems and was looking at adding a SAP FICO qualitficafion as well. Our work does not use SAP. They use an old out dated as400 based system. So any training in SAP is purely in a personal capacity. Has anybody followed a similar path. How...
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    Rain 5G in Belhar area

    Hi. Ive been waiting awhile now for Rain 5G to come to Belhar area. According to their coverage map its finally here. I was on there 4G plan but csncelled it a few months ago. Because the speeds was just to crappy. Has anybody in Belhar taken the Rain 5G package yet. Ive read quite a few posts...
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    Belhar Fiber

    Is there a site/place where one can check if your area is on the fiber to do list. I cant wait any longer. Currently paying alot for wifi for not so good service. Just recently cancelled my Rain sim. Thats even worse
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    SAP Training

    Does anybody know what other training avenues one can use to get a certified SAP. Official SAP is very expensive. Does anyone have experience with Michael Management online training.