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    This is why I pay for Cool Ideas

    Been playing Elder scrolls 5: Skyrim for the last couple of weeks. Just found out that Borderlands 3 dropped some more DLC. A 15.6GB download. Started at 21:05 (9:05 pm). Download completed, at latest, 21:20 (9:20pm).
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    Chameleons in the garden?

    I was just looking at the birds in the garden thread. I remember, as a youngster, seeing chameleons all over the place in trees and hedges. I don't think I've seen one in twenty or more years since. Anyone have know why? Or have a source where I can get them and put them into my tree hedges?
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    COVID-19 - when will economic reality kick in?

    My thoughts are this. COVID-19 is a flu. The most contagious one we have ever seen. A lock down will not erase or remove it. As far as I have read, most experts say this is now a part of our lives until a cure or vaccine is found. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is no real cure for flu. One...
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    Shall we have a countdown to lock down?

    Just like New years Eve. This is entering us into a new state of affairs that we have never experienced before. A new year - pffft. A new way of living - absolutely.
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    COVID-19 as a respiratory virus

    Just a question. If COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system, why are the authorities not telling all smokers to stop smoking? Something is odd here.
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    Ok, I am not ever going to view this sub-forum again

    Sorry, @FiestaST , but I simply cannot get over the flood of your posts. Especially when many of them are multiple derivatives of the same thing. I don't know if you get paid by the post or what, but it's just simply a deluge.
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    Solar geysers - are they a scam?

    As usual, when Eskom crumbles a bit more, and we get some consistent load-shedding, folks scramble for alternative solutions. And then sellers of such items resort to price-gouging. I have seen solar geysers mentioned as a MASSIVE (hehe) electricity saving device; on a number of threads. So...
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    Another life

    Checked and didn't see a thread about this. While it has it's flaws, it is sooo much better than the latest Star Trek, for example. Watched the first 3 episodes. Then stopped because I do like keeping decent series for a while.
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    Federer beat Nadal in semi-final a few minutes ago. Epic match. And I am so frikken happy he beat the muscle bulldozer.
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    High blood sugar levels (not diabetes)

    Anyone here known about, and ever declared, or had to declare, high blood sugar levels?