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    Vox upgraded my bandwidth from 4M to 10M

    Did you pay the same as the 4Mbps line? It seems that Vumatel is going to be abandoning their 4Mbps lines from 1 March 2019. I phoned their call centre but they are clueless. Their Twitter account was vague and told me to contact my ISP.
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    Are you planning to buy a new laptop?

    Lenovo I7 with a 1TB SSD and 16GB RAM. As soon as I can afford it. To replace my existing Lenovo Z50
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    Please Rate Telkom

    Telkom stores don't answer their phone. Think about that for a moment. They gave me the wrong contract, and it took 6 months to fix it. The day I can cancel the contract I will.
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    Renaming the e-Toll gantries in Gauteng

    I think we all agree that etolls are a bad idea, and I don't want to discuss that on this thread. Please use the general thread, which makes fascinating reading. I had a conversation on Monday with a friend who noted that all the etoll gantries are named after birds. His wry comment was that we...
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    iBurst USB Modem falls apart (again)

    I thought I would post a photo of my second iBurst USB modem as a warning to others: The previous USB modem fell apart in exactly the same way, when I was on month 18 of my 2 year contract. It is also shown on my blog post about the subject. I can't understand how iBurst can only...
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    Anyone using ProXPN VPN service?

    ProXPN has been advertising on Security Now and I decided to try it, but when I try to connect it gets to 15% and then stops. Does anyone use ProXPN in South Africa? Are you an M-Web subscriber? I'm just wondering if access to their servers is being blocked. FWIW, I have a "premium" account...
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    Power Supply for Samsung X15 plus notebook

    I have been asked to help with getting a Samsung X15 plus notebook to work again. It was donated to a security guard who works in the shopping centre where my wife has bookshop. He wants to learn how to use computers so he can start a business in Mozambique. The power supply is missing (Model...
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    Discovery HealthID: kiss your medical history's privacy goodbye

    I would like to draw everyone's attention to the security flaws in the Discovery Health iPad app: there is no security at all. Furthermore, Discovery's servers will automatically trust any iPad that claims to provide "permission" from the client, and tell the iPad user anything they want to know...
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    iBurst taught me a lesson I won't forget

    It seems that the only way to get iBurst to fix anything is to shame them on their Twitter feed or Facebook page. See my blog post "iBurst taught me a lesson I won't forget" for all the gory details. In summary: Tech support refused to tell me where the nearby base stations were There is...
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    DSTV ripoff by not sending DISH magazine

    It seems that I'm not the only one not getting my DISH magazine even though I pay my monthly DSTV subscription. See Since you can't get through to the enquiries number (011 289 2222 has been permanently busy for days) I'm wondering what the...
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    iBurst insecure installation by default

    I am amazed that when installing iBurst on a Windows XP machine that both "File and Printer Sharing" and "Client for Microsoft Networks" protocols are enabled by default, even though it violates iBurst's own Acceptable Use Policy. What are they thinking? I have posted screen shots on my...
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    How do I know if my site is secure?

    A few months ago I asked some volunteers in this forum to "hack" my web site. The results were most encouraging, and I fixed numerous bugs. :erm: So my question ow is this: how do I know if my site is secure? Are there companies in SA (or elsewhere) who can audit the security? Is there a list...
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    SAIX wants to proxy my HTTPS traffic. Why?

    For a long time the proxy server for the Aasvoelkop exchange (it appears to be hasn't worked properly, so I have had to use instead. For the last few days I have been trying to connect to and I kept getting a...
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    Can you break my web site? Go ahead

    I'm very proud of this baby. It has taken me since the beginning of the year (ok, only about 20 actual working days) to put this site together. So now I'm asking you to break it, or at least to try to break it. Editing the data doesn't count as breaking it, but if you find any security flaws...