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    ADSL Crawford Exchange (Cape Town)

    Anyone connected to this exchange 021 697 .... having problems? I have for the past two weeks been struggling with my connection, its a real nightmare. After many calls Telkom says they have a problem with the whole area.
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    WebAfrica 130GB

    Have to dispose of my WebAfrica 30GB + 100GB after-hours account temporarily or might be permanent. It's R200 a month, available from the 1st July 2011. Going to give 8ta a try, so I need a fast 'dongle', if you interested pm me.
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    HTC Dream Dud

    Bought a HTC Dream in Oct 2009 on a MTN contract. End of Nov, phone dead, take in to Leaf here in CT, sent away for two weeks, mainboard replaced. Comes back with a dead pixel. Beginning of Feb, phone dead again, mainboard replaced again. Yesterday I got it back, but now some keys on...
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    Sony V550 40" Display Help

    Coonected my PC via HDMI cable to Sony, but it doesn't fill the whole screen. Black border all around, zoom etc doesn't help, as part of the display goes off, what is the correct settings for this TV please?