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    Petrol price decrease expected for November

    Very big decrease indeed. Wonder what December will bring.
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    Are you brand loyal when it comes to filling your car?

    Engen for Ebucks and clicks. Otherwise not brand loyal.
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    Do you think it should be a crime not to wear a mask in public?

    YES - forget about sneezing and coughing - it the spit droplets when are people are talking that we need safety from :p
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    Vitality rewards goals

    Mine is at 350. Making mine up with steps. Since i need to be working during the week at home, I try to make 10000 steps on Sat and Sun since with doing stuff around the house., and then 5000 steps a few days in the week. Also since running or walking in the neighborhood seems to be a...
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    Repo rate cut by 100 basis points - 14 April 2020

    OK. Went in now again to double check and nothing. I will wait as long as they make the change before the debit order.
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    Repo rate cut by 100 basis points - 14 April 2020

    FNB Client. Previous 1% - got SMS but no letter. This 1% - so far nothing and no change in online banking.
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    Which ISP do you currently use?

    Mind the Speed as of this month. Was with Rocketnet
  8. A Launching 19 August 2019

    A also chose the same router. i suppose since the temporary router is theirs then they wont allow access. maybe once the C6 is delivered then i should have full access to it.
  9. A Launching 19 August 2019

    Due to the logistics issues they could not get the Zyxel. I opted to pay the difference(after their subsidy) and chose the TP Link C6. However they couldn't get delivery of the C6 so sent me the Microtik HAP until they can replace it after the lock down. so hopefully will have access to that...
  10. A Launching 19 August 2019

    Migrated from Rocketnet. Did keep the router but it was the TP link 300kbs single band so opted for the option to get another and was subsidised by MTS.
  11. A Launching 19 August 2019

    Migrated to MTS as of yesterday. on 20/20 / Vumatel from a 20/2. For those switching to MTS, Just know that you have no access to the router. For any changes, even SSID and password, you need to log a ticket and wait for them to get to it. So far for many things i had to call them each time to...
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    Is This Lockdown A Failure ? What Is Your Experience ?

    Working form home full time full time. No reason to leave the yard. Local PNP will deliver so can order daily if need any thing essential. head the odd car or 2 and usually our intersection is very busy. One neighbour has been doing Garden work for a few days. the whistling was driving me...
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    Lockdown Day 4 - Are you working today?

    This :X3: . Wife is using the office chair so i got the the dining chair
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    Lockdown Day 4 - Are you working today?

    Working remotely.
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    How will you trim/cut your hair? (POLL)

    Was thinking about letting it all grow, but during a video call this morning i looked terrible (last shave was Friday). also wife wants to try a her skill at cutting hair using the clipper machine, she last cut her dads her 20 something years ago:X3:
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    Have you left your house yet?

    Just into the yard and on Friday to take out the Bin. No need to go anywhere for now. Working from home so need be logged on for the full day, so afternoons and weekends like normal (TV and usual yard house stuff to do)
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    Do you support a national lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus?

    Yes from me. But the effect to many people and business is going to be huge.
  18. A - offline for last day?

    Just called them and they advised they should be back up on Monday.
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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    Received this earlier to day for Vumatel. :mad: Package Monthly Fee (Existing) Monthly Fee (New) Apollo 10/2 R549.00 R645.00 Apollo 10/10 R629.00 R725.00 Apollo 20/2 R739.00 R825.00 Apollo 20/20 R839.00 R895.00 Apollo 50/5 R939.00 R995.00 Apollo 50/50 R1039.00 R1045.00 Apollo...