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  1. NightCrawlerNic

    Info Needed

    Hi guys, Can someone please point me in the direction of the following Garage Opener with Camera Door Bell with Camera Smart Switch The items need to work with Apple Homekit and or Samsung Smart things.
  2. NightCrawlerNic

    Rocketnet billing nightmare

    So i was supposed to move to a new place on the 1st August. I signed up for fibre with RocketNet ans specifically asked them to start the account on the first. I arranged with the agent to install fibre at the new place and 29th July it was installed. 31st i get a bill from the 29th July to...
  3. NightCrawlerNic

    Discovery Vitality Drive 2020

    Has anyone ever had their score drop by a large margin over a day while all their trips were rated 5 stars? Saturday morning my score was 535. Did 4 small trips on Sunday. Monday morning my score is at 515, the only explanation from discovery is that my coverage ratio was low. 4 trips of less...
  4. NightCrawlerNic

    So accellerit doesnt want to rename my wifi.

    Firstly, they dont want to give access to the router, secondly they dont want to rename my wifi. At the moment i feel like they are marketing themselves. What legal options do i have?
  5. NightCrawlerNic

    MTN Contract Payment Method.

    What options are there for paying your MTN contract?
  6. NightCrawlerNic

    Medical Aid - Choosing your own cover.

    Hi guys,i dont work for any insurance company but ... my 2c You know how we wish dstv will let you choose channels that you want? think of fedhealth like that. With regards to medical aid fedhealth lets you do just that. You get an option to structure you medical aid the way you want it. I...
  7. NightCrawlerNic

    Fans spinning out of control

    Hi guys,so my mac thinks it over heating all the time. Fan is always spinning, facetime says it will continue once the mac cools down. Any idea what could be causing this ?
  8. NightCrawlerNic

    Apple Watch Series 3

    I am looking for an apple watch series 3 42mm.
  9. NightCrawlerNic

    Accellerit Fibre

    Hi guys; This is what I am dealing with. How fudged am I?
  10. NightCrawlerNic

    What do use Roku for ?

    Hi Guys, thought i shoult start a thread of what is everyone using Roku for. i just ordered mine last night so i will be using it for Netflix Hulu+ CrunchyRol ( For anime, havent used it yet but i read its good) Havent tried it: SkyNews Havent tried it: MTVHD EDITED: Aparently you...
  11. NightCrawlerNic

    Telkom cancelation

    Hi Guys, i called Helkom at the beging of the month to cancell my uncapped account with them because i wasnt certisfied with it. Up to this day, they havent cancelled it. they just sent me the bill, i will have to pay for April and may at eh end of the month. Whats the law with regards to...