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    PC Fifa 20 Ultimate team

    Hey There I was thinking of making the switch to PC on Fifa next year , however I have concerns of the player base locally and the surrounds. I will be specifically playing FUT Champions Weekend league. If you play could you just confirm whether or not I will be able to find games online Thank You!
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    Telkom LTE/LTE-A Prepaid Data

    Hello, Im interested in knowing if the telkom data will only work when u have a 4G connection and should the network drop as it does regularly back to 3G....Will my data still work?
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    Looking for the Best Surround Sound System

    I'm wondering what's the Best System for a decent price , I'm a gamer but also sometimes Max the volume to listen to music, I'd say i have a budget of 3K-5K...less would be welcome I also want the system to have Optical Inputs for my console to play good high quality sound, If possible plz link...
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    Telkom FUP

    I asked telkom what there threshold is on 10Mbps uncapped and they said there's no threshold but alot of people are saying its 100GB on all uncapped accounts