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    Doom will now warn you not to spray it on food, after a complaint about a pizza ad
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    Revealed: 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar as it gears up for World Cup
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    CSA T20 Challenge - February 2021

    All matches are due to take place at Kingsmead in Durban All times are local (GMT+2) Friday, February 19: Momentum Multiply Titans vs VKB Knights (10am), Hollywoodbet Dolphins vs Six Gun Grill Cape Cobras (2.30pm) Saturday, February 20: Imperial Lions vs Warriors (10am), VKB Knights vs...
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    TP Link, B196 - Connected, No internet (3G Router)?

    I need advice, please. I know the sim card works. Tested the sim in my cellphone. But when I put into the modem and connect to it, I get "Connected, no internet" as a message. Any ideas why? Is the sim not reading in the modem?
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    IPL 2021

    Kickstarting the thread ... auctions are in progress:
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    RFA calls for Aarto scrapping following suspension of traffic agency’s CEO
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    UK pulls license of Chinese state-owned broadcaster CGTN
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    Norway wealth fund earned $123 billion in 2020
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    Wanted: 3G/4G Router

    I need a router in which I can install a sim card for Wi-Fi internet. This for an elderly couple where they cannot hardwire anything in the unit they live in. I cannot visit them or set up. So, it will be something I set up and ship to them. The ideal is something that will get the best...
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    Netcare medical rescue chopper crashes in KwaZulu-Natal midlands
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    Hello, useless ANC. I phoned Moderna and they have vaccines for us
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    Java: Learning to programme in

    My first-born is learning Delphi in school. 90+ in grade 11. This is what is taught in the Model C schools, so I am told. My first-born is keen to learn Java, as Java seems to be what the private schools are teaching? 1. Are there any online courses (or otherwise) that you can recommend (paid...
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    Cricket: South Africa tour of Pakistan 2021

    The tour summary per Espn CricInfo:
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    Powerful earthquake in Indonesia's Sulawesi
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    Mount St. Helens isn't where it should be. Scientists may finally know why.
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    A warty pig painted on a cave wall 45,500 years ago is the world's oldest depiction of an animal
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    Woman hunted after $13m vanishes from Korean casino
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    These are 7 of the strangest experiments humans have done in space
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    Argentina abortion: Senate votes in favour of legalisation
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    South Korea's 'Artificial Sun' Just Set a New World Record For High-Temperature Plasma