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    Severe battery drain on 4G

    Experiencing overheating problems when LTE is on both on mine and my wife's phone. I use a Nokia 5 and she a Samsung J4core. Anyone seen a difference this week?
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    Vox partnership with ellies

    Today I went to a conference hosted by vox and Ellies in nelspruit. Basically opening their platform to third party resellers and techbical installers. Pretty good incentives
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    Telkom Vodacom 65505 roaming disaster

    How can we make the engineers aware that this is a very bad solution. The way this new Vodacom partnership is setup is that it's roaming but it's deceptively set as a home network meaning unlike before when you manually choose a network search it won't lock on to one because both are home...
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    Got a 360 250gb at House and home for R1200

    My friend told me he got a ps3 at electric express for R1000 so I went looking at some furniture shops and a guy at House and home told me they had a 250gb 360 for 1.2 so I took it. I don't think many people know that these furniture shops have stock lying around and clearance sales are quite...