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    Will Vumatel install in a complex if Open Serve already did?

    I live in a complex and have OS fibre. According to the Vumatel coverage map they are also now in the area. Would they install into a complex that already has Open Serve?
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    Vumatel coverage map (Randpark Ridge)

    Good afternoon The coverage map on the Vumatel website shows that fibre is active in my area. When I place an order on the website I receive a message that fibre is not available in my area and that I will be notified when it is. Does anyone have an idea what is going on here or who I can...
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    Open Serve and Home Connect outage

    Good afternoon. Is anyone aware of an Open Serve fibre outage in the Rand Park Ridge area? The relevant ISP is Home Connect. According to the ISP the fault is with Open Serve but I’m not aware of other ISP’s reporting Open Serve outages in the area.
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    Fibre speed dropping

    I have a 100/50 fibre connection (Open Serve). I usually get about 96Mbps download speed. For the last week my download speed has dropped significantly. When I do a Speedtest it leaps up to about 96 in the beginning but then quickly drops to about 35. Upload speed is also slightly slower than...
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    Cool Ideas and OpenServe fibre feedback please

    Good morning Can anyone with fibre accounts with Cool Ideas on the OpenServe infrastructure provide some feedback please. Speed test results would be great too. Regards Johan
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    Showmax on PS3

    Good afternoon Is there any way to watch Showmax on the PS3? The web browser on the PS3 apparently doesn’t work for this.
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    How long does Open Serve take to install?

    Hi everyone I’m curious about something. I’d like to figure out whether different ISP’s have better working partnerships with OpenServe than others. Some ISP websites say an OS fibre installation will be 3 to 6 weeks, others say abut 4 weeks. Could you please comment with which ISP you use...
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    Connecting Fibre to router

    Hello all I am very confused. Telkom (OpenServe) recently installed fibre in my home. From my research the box they placed on the wall is a termination point. I have a router that I bought from Crystal Web (FritzBox 7490) which connects to fibre via a WAN port. The TP on my wall however...