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  1. carstensdj

    Pls help before I lose my eish!

    Hey Guys n Gals, I've been struggling with this fking issue for over 2 weeks now and it's starting to bring out a violent streak in me now :eek: I do a fair amount of online racing and drifting and use an Xbox 360 Controller and Wireless receiver connected to my Windows 10 PC. Every so often...
  2. carstensdj

    Can't decide which car to buy?!?

    Hey forumites, Hope everyone is well. I'll make this brief... After lots and lots of consideration and plenty of homework I just cannot decide between 2x cars to buy, 2nd hand. My options are: 1) VW Golf mk7 GTI (2014) 2) BMW 328i F30 M-Sport (2014) **EDIT: 3) Ford Focus ST Do any of you...
  3. carstensdj

    We May Finally Understand the Moments Before the Big Bang

    Article Here
  4. carstensdj

    Scientists find human footprint in a mammoth track

    Article Here
  5. carstensdj

    Who here plays Footy (Soccer)?

    So, as the title asks - Who here plays Football (Soccer) and if so, do you play in a league or just for fun? Where do you guys usually play? What boots do you wear? What position do you play?
  6. carstensdj

    Struggling with speeds on Telkom LTE

    Hey Forumites, Firstly, if this has been covered somewhere, please feel free to point me in the right direction. There's just too many posts to read through in a work day to sift and find the answers I'm looking for. My parents moved into a new place and were struggling to get Fibre in their...
  7. carstensdj

    Mini ITX Cases for sale

    Hi Forumites, I've got 8x Raidmax Atomic Mini ITX cases which are still in their original packaging, which I'm trying to sell. It still has the sellotape on and has never been opened. SPECS: Internal Drive Bays: 1x 3.5" HDD & 2x 2.5" SSD or 1x 3.5" SATA System Board: Mini ITX Expansion Slots...
  8. carstensdj

    Local Forex Trading Platform to choose?

    Hey Forumites. I'll keep it short and simple... I'm looking at getting back into Forex and Commodity trading again. Please can you guys recommend a decent platform/broker to use, here in South Africa? Something that can work via MT4 would be nice. I'd also prefer to use a platform that supports...
  9. carstensdj

    Cloudfare's new VPN Service

    Cloudflare launches VPN that speeds up your Internet So if one manually entered their Primary DNS as (as opposed to let's say, Google's would it mean that you're automatically on Cloudfare's VPN DNS service? Am I understanding that correctly?
  10. carstensdj

    Methane Gas definitely exists on Mars

    SPACE . COM Article There Is Definitely Methane on Mars, Scientists Say. But Is It a Sign of Life? EWN Article Scientists find likely source of methane on Mars
  11. carstensdj

    DNS issue on Ethernet

    Hey fellow forumites, Hoping that someone here can assist... My Desktop PC at home, which is in the lounge and is also my entertainment hub for my music, movies, streaming etc is having a very strange issue whereby it's intermittently not connecting to the internet. When I try view websites...
  12. carstensdj

    Swapping APK motor into 9n3 Polo Question

    Hey forumites. I need some advice please. I have a 2005 VW Polo 1.4 (9n3) with 188,000kms on the clock. I need to have the motor done over as the rings and valve stem seals all need replacing (and probably a bunch of other things) and it's losing a lot of oil. I've been advised by many to...
  13. carstensdj

    Assetto Corsa Drifting

    Hey fellow forumites! I was interested to know how many of you (if any) play Assetto Corsa on PC and more so, if you drift? I assume there aren't any local drift servers? I couldn't find any but did find a few European one's and an awesome Aussie one (super high ping though). I'm keen to get...
  14. carstensdj

    Grinding/Vibrating noise under de-acceleration

    Hey fellow forumites, Was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this issue for me... I've just spent R10k on servicing my '05 Polo Trendline. I had a new Clutch Kit installed as well as a major service done. Car feels smoother but now have another issue that wasn't there...
  15. carstensdj

    Arma3 RHS KOTH (Band of Brothers Servers)

    Hey fellow forumites... Any of you guys playing Arma3 on the Band of Brothers SA server at all? My nik is Ufonik. You may have seen me playing at some point... Wanted to see if any of you guys were on the forums here?
  16. carstensdj

    Monyx (MYX) ICO

    Hey All, Was interested to know if anyone bought Monyx during the Pre-Sale and what round you managed to buy in? The site crashed on me in the middle of Pre-Sale (due to the traffic and amount of people trying to buy) but I managed to buy on Round 1 @$0.60 with 10% bonus so was pretty happy...
  17. carstensdj

    Need Assistance with Mikrotik RB

    Hi MyBB forumites, hope you're all well! I've recently bought a Mikrotik RB2011UiAS-RM which i want to setup as the following (for now): 1) PPPOE so that this RB2011 is my office Default Gateway for our 10Mbps Fibre. Have got PPPOE details. 2) PPTP Server for myself and the JHB guys to be...
  18. carstensdj

    Where to start a Car Project

    Hi all, I've recently decided that i'd like to build up a drift car/project car in my spare time. Not necessarily to enter competition with just yet, but more for the experience of building the car up from start to finish and then enjoying it purely for the drive. My mechanical knowledge...
  19. carstensdj

    Car Meetings for GTA V and Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox 360)

    Hey guys n gals, Was wondering if any of you play GTA V or FH2 online? If so let's meet up for car meetings and drift sessions etc... my gamer tag: CarstensDJ Ps: i'm playing on Xbox 360
  20. carstensdj

    New Refrigertated Transport Co.

    Hey fellow forumites, My father retired from Telkom after 32years and decided to start his own business. If anyone knows of someone (or you yourself) looking for refrigerated transport, won't you please let me know! My dad has bought a bakkie with a refrigerated canopy and will be...