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  1. LOTR

    Help with Lenovo T440s screen replacement

  2. LOTR

    Here is why Vumacam's poles are taller than their camera domes

    ^^ This, with a solar panel. (Some in our area already have the solar panel, but no 5G as yet).
  3. LOTR

    Do you harvest rainwater?

    Nope - Have a borehole
  4. LOTR

    Windows 7 continues to survive

    Still have a laptop on XP, works just fine.
  5. LOTR

    The new requirements to become a police officer in South Africa

    Didn't see KFC and cooldrink lover?
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    South African ID number format

    Yes you can 08 = SA citizen currently, so they can also make 28 = SA citizen as a spill over going forward. (I think 22 is Asylum seeker and 23 = Refugee. Others have a usage as well).
  7. LOTR

    South African ID number format

    The 11th and 12th digits can also be used as spill-over. Only certain values are currently allocated for these two digits.
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    The airports are open, do you plan to fly?

    Insufficient funds for even a local long weekend getaway, never mind international travel
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    Is your estate in order for when you die? (Poll)

    I have a last will and testament, but it's now out of date since the recent passing of a family member. I guess I will need to update such soonest.
  10. LOTR

    South African rugby is heading north...

    We need to win something - can't do that against the decent NZ team(s), so we take on the generally weaker northern teams to make us look good....
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    Here is why DStv with Netflix and Amazon Prime is a winning play

    Here's why IPTV with Netflix and/or Amazon Prime is a winning play - It's better and cheaper
  12. LOTR

    President Ramaphosa explains how government plans to stop load-shedding

    The amount of hot air coming from squirrel these days should be used to supplement the grid.
  13. LOTR

    Motor vehicle roadworthiness...

    Great idea - but impractical in SA. Too many queues and open to corruption. Hence it will not achieve what it is supposed to.
  14. LOTR

    Microsoft is inching closer to killing the Windows Control Panel

    My guess is that Control Panel will be dead before SAA :sneaky:
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    Here’s how many domestic workers lost their jobs during lockdown

    My Domestic got full pay for no work whilst on initial lockdown. Her hubby is in charge of maintenance in a townhouse complex nearby, and they live on the premises. As the residents in the complex also had their domestic workers not available to them during lockdown, my domestic had daily work...
  16. LOTR

    SAA suspends all operations with immediate effect

    Bailout coming in 3... 2... 1...
  17. LOTR

    What is in a name?

    I think all this renaming and moving stuff is an excellent idea to spend our surplus funds on. Oh........ Wait!!!!!!!
  18. LOTR

    What would it take to get you to pay your TV license?

    Make it subscription based. Then if you want to watch the crap content supplied, you need to pay the fee......