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    Vehicle finance - dealer vs directly with bank?

    what rates are you guys getting these days? As someone with a good credit score... is it fair to expect prime minus 1?
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    Huawei P20 Pro can't see 5Ghz Wifi

    Need some help/advice. According to me this phone supports connecting to dual band WiFi. I can't see anything? Running the CLT-L29 Dual Sim and it is on EMUI 10. Other phones in the house see it and works fine on 5Ghz. Any tips?
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    5G Issues again

    @rain_mobile @rain_networks Please can someone urgently assist with 4635886? I can barely work and I've made no changes here. Rebooted the router to no effect.
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    Huawei Q2 Pro (3 Pack) - Performance Review

    restarting this thread.... Seems my old ADSL Router (Asus DSL-AC52U) Ethernet WAN port went so looking at extending the Rain 5G with decent stuff at an affordable price. How is the Huawei still going>?
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    All went well for a time... What is wrong now? 5G Premium

    Had my old CPE Pro replaced a while ago after longtime troubles and it sort of went ok since then. Since the start of this week and reading about SA network, it seems full of issues again. Difficultto post speedtest results as the connection is up and down like a yoyo. But when it...
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    Vodacom Business Giveaway - Enter now

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G 256GB
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    Are you brand loyal when it comes to filling your car?

    Ucount only works with Caltex...
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    Help on rain:( validation

    Thanks for th Thanks for the offer. I actually have reached out before with no response. Will send again
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    Help on rain:( validation

    Ok... So the one time in a month there actually was some speed, you choose that and seem happy? What about the rest?
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    R2,000 Cash Giveaway – Enter Now

    The service is wireless. There’s no waiting for line installations. Your business can literally cut the cord from the frustration of having to wait. Just switch it on and be ready to connect. It’s one of the fastest ways to get your office the connectivity it needs.
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    Rain cancelation

    you have my full support. I cant continue donating R1000 pm to them and not get any service
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    Rain cancelation

    Let me know of your process. Happy to join