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    Note 10 AOD malfunction

    I have the really iritating issue with my AOD on my wife's Note 10. It is set to turn off the AOD at a certain time at night and turn on at a certain time in the moning. Lately i found the setting to reset to "Always On" instead of "Show by Shedule" by itself. Not a big deal really but annoying...
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    Samsung find my mobile notifications can not disable

    So I'm getting this annoying notification every once in a while "reminding" to turn on my find my mobile setting. Trouble is i can not disable the setting on notification sertings as it is greyed out. Can anyone please help with this predicament.
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    To all Corona disbelievers.... FU

    Looking at the past couple of weeks i have to post this quick statement.
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    Anti-5G USB stick

    We all need one of these....:laugh:
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    What video format is accepted to upload to mbb

    As the title says. I tried uploading a small mp4 and it says it is the wrong format.
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    External aerial for Neotel

    Hi there Does anyone know if there is a external aerial or signal booster available that will work with the Neotel device ?