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    Cyberpunk Giveaway

    I preordered Cyberpunk some time ago. But, fck, it happened - I have reached the age where I want you off my lawn. Consequently, I would rather spend time with my kids than jam this bad boy. Refunded it to send as a gift. And thusly I hope to gift an avid PC Gamer, or virgins as we are...
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    Small claims court - do you have to appear yourself as a complainant?

    I've got the unsavory situation of having to get some money from a tenant. It's too little to go to court with, but the small claims court works. I can't find definitive answers to two questions though: 1. Do I as the complainant need to physically deliver the letter of demand to the defendant...
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    Raised by wolves [sci-fi]

    Just watched the first episode. Damn, how good was that! Looking forward to more :thumbsup:
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    ANC NEC: Members charged with corruption must step aside from official positions I was about to fall over. Did he finally fire Ace et al? Nope, yet another investigation committee. Here we go again.
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    What would you do with 2 million that you can invest for 1 year?

    As per title. The money will be used after 1 year, that's why there's such a short timeframe. Is it worth it to explore investment options in such a short timeframe or simply leave it in a savings account? P.S Prefer options that will take the money offshore.
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    Power and electricity world virtual conference

    I ran across this today - they usually have a paid-for event, but it was canceled and they are doing a virtual conference and it's free to sign up. I have no idea what the format will entail, but I do know previously they had big segments on solar power and exhibitors from that industry. Might...
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    25 April 2020, Minister Gordhan meets unions on SAA rescue

    Apparently the unions threatened to pull votes.
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    'It's shocking how racist people are' - SA teacher in China on 'discrimination, forced quarantine' for Africans
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    Hunger hits 500 000 more Zimbabweans
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    WHO official hangs up when asked by journalist about Taiwan

    So for those who missed this doozie:
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    'Maybe the word fail may be too strong' for students - Nzimande "When we change our language mediocre can be excellence" - Brenden
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    EDITORIAL: Throttling the golden goose [Financial Mail]
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    Report: Blizzard Forbids “Okay” Symbol in Overwatch League Arena – Claims It’s a “White Power Symbol”

    RIP the good ol Blizzard. You either die a hero or you live long enough to become...this. Source:
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    Trans woman attacked by Algerians from France

    If Western Counties keep important people en masse that don't agree with their values, this will keep happening.
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    Can you get a prepaid meter for a house directly from Tshwane?

    Renting out my house and want to install a prepaid meter. I've found 3rd parties that will install the meter and you have to pay a 10% service fee. Is there nowhere where you can get a meter directly from Tshwane and avert the 3rd party fee?
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    Lots of stuff giveaway or low price emigrating

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