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  1. Johand

    Wonder data leaks on

    [deleted after common sense kicked in]
  2. Johand

    Best cause/organisation/charity to donate money to during COVID?

    In a strange lopsided world I am better off financially than before COVID - interest rates have dropped, I don't spend money on petrol or expensive coffees and even my insurance is less while my salary have stayed the same and my job is relatively secure. I am also a childless bachelor (woohoo...
  3. Johand

    Vumatel Expansion

    I discovered by accident that Vumatel is building networks outside Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg quite by accident. Strangely it hasn't really featured in the news - unless I missed it. Does anybody know what their short-term expansion plans are? Currently I see Polokwane...
  4. Johand

    Best UPS for home use

    Hi I am trying to find the best UPS for home use. I had too many duds over the last two years. I am hoping for some recommendations. 1) it must be quiet. No loud fans constantly spinning. No constant beeping. It can beep when the battery has less than 10 min standby at the most. Fans must...
  5. Johand

    AMD 3900X - When will stock arrive?

    I am planning to upgrade my PC (AMD Ryzen 1700X) to Ryzen 3900X. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be stock of the processor world-wide! I have my pre-order in at Wootware - but they advised me that they are waiting for AMD. Does anybody have inside information on when AMD will bring...
  6. Johand

    What type of router do you get with Cool Ideas

    Vumatel is rolling out fibre to our complex (they just finished digging up my driveway today :-) and I am getting fibre! So looking at ISPs everybody seem to rave about Cool Ideas ... I just have one question - what kind of router do they provide? I have a enterprise grade gigabit switch...