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  1. Shardie

    Anyone using Classicpress? The Wordpress fork.

    Hi, with all the controversy around Wordpress, is there anyone who has switched to Classicpress? If so id love to hear your thoughts.
  2. Shardie

    New iPad Pro 12.9 - WHERE TO BUY 512GB version

    Hi All Anyone know where I can get the new ipad pro 12.9 inch wifi 4g 512gb? iStore country wide does not have stock.
  3. Shardie

    STOLEN iPad Pro 12.9-inch in Houghton Area

    Hi my iPad Pro 12.9-inch was stolen from my car in Houghton area this weekend. Its a 128GB Rose Gold with Apple Pencil. SERIAL : DLXRF382GMW5 IMEI : 353304072218448 PLEASE CONTACT 0725996269 if found.
  4. Shardie

    iPhone 4S will not connect to Vodacom - strange

    Hi all. I have an iPhone 4S that was bought from Vodacom (It's registered on their system that it came from them). The strange thing is that it picks up every other network besides Vodacom. All I get is NO SERVICE, and in the Network settings SIM NOT PROVISIONED. Here's what I have done...
  5. Shardie

    iOS 5.1 iPhone and iPad download links

    iPhone iPad
  6. Shardie

    MyBroadband iPhone App - Get it today.

    Just wanted to remind those who don't have it that there is a MyBroadband App for the iPhone. Its brilliant and so much easier to keep up to date with whats happening in SA land. I dont have an iPad but im sure it works just as great on it. Download the app from the iTunes store here - and...
  7. Shardie

    Find My Friends iPhone app link

  8. Shardie

    iCloud Push notification costs?

    Hi all. Okay so Ive got an iCloud account and using it), my emails are redirected to my iCloud email account and then get PUSHED to my iPhone. I also get other PUSH notifications like iCal and Contacts. I was wondering what are the costs involved in push notification? Any ideas?
  9. Shardie

    How to make a OSX Lion USB install disk

    Hi all. This tutorial if for the FINAL version of Mac OSX Lion. Once you have Lion downloaded from the App Store it will want to install. Do not install just yet. It will however be available in your Applications folder. Once you have a bootable USB stick, you will not need to have the latest...
  10. Shardie

    New Apple Blog - Please test for me - THANKS

    Hi all. I'm launching a new Apple blog soon and was hoping that any web developers could test the site for me. If you are using Windows, Linux, OSX etc etc, please send me a mail if there are any bugs - THANKS the site is here: PM me is you find bugs...
  11. Shardie

    Cool iPhone 4 Ringtone

    Hi folks Ive uploaded a cool iphone 4 ringtone - Its the IM A MAC IM A PC background music - get it here.
  12. Shardie

    No unlock until iOS 4.2.5 or 4.3 - BAD NEWS

    The iPhone Dev-Team has announced that there will be no unlock released until after iOS 4.2.5 or 4.3 is released. This is however terrible news for those who are on a higher than baseband 1.59 and are waiting for an unlock. The news is disappointing as we still do not have any guarantee. Best...
  13. Shardie

    iPad - must watch video - just for laughs

    This has got to be one of the best iPad rip off videos i’ve seen. It had me rolling in my seat with laughter. Great job.
  14. Shardie

    iPhone 3.1.3 with baseband 05.12.01 unlock progress

    Those of you waiting for the 3.1.3 unlock for your 3G and 3GS phones will not have to wait much longer. MuscleNerd has announced that the unlock will be available soon. Im sure it will be released when the Iphone OS4 gets released but I hope before that - I have a couple iPhones to unlock.
  15. Shardie

    30GB a month at R199 - Im loving it

    I recently purchased a 30GB account from WebAfrica that was on special. You had to be a MyBroadband member and have a certain amount of posts. Fortunately i qualified, so I made the purchase to test. I recently received an email from WebAfrica saying that I owe them R199 for tha 30GB but I had...
  16. Shardie

    Apple iPad released - Whats your take?

    Well its finally released, watched the video and Keynote. To me its just a huge iPod Touch. WHATS YOUR TAKE?
  17. Shardie

    iPhone3G Official Blog

    Hi all Ive started a blog of the new iphone3G for us South Africans which will have all the latest in EVERYTHING about the iphone. Hope to see you all there: sweeet
  18. Shardie

    Sony Ericcson K850i HSDPA 3.6 support?

    Hello all, Does the K850i support vodacoms new HSDPA 3.6 speeds? They dont say it on Vodacoms website but the phone it self supports that speed however. Thanks