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    'Boko Haram’ gang activity runs rampant in Mamelodi

    Ek's op dit.....:thumbsup:
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    This Clifton bungalow just sold for R70 million

    It's just sad... they way the world is today. With our unemployment rate and the number of people who lost their jobs the past year. There is something fundamentally wrong with our society.
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    Xiaomi showcases portless smartphone with quad-curved display

    Almost there... number 5 and climbing. I always support the underdog. Had the the Mate 8 and they are definitely a force to be reckoned with.
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    The price of building the ultimate home cinema

    And don't forget the group who never stops whispering/chatting while the movie is at the most critical moment. Or the incessant chair kicking. Or the never ending paper crackling of sweet wrappers.
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    The price of building the ultimate home cinema

    I concur with the balanced setup. Except you don't have to go for a 75" screen. The 58" Hisense would suffice. And why include a blu ray player ? That brings you to a total of around R24 000.
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    Work from home setup

    :):) still had a batch of pynapple brew going. They caught my by surprise with lifting of the ban.
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    Work from home setup

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    Wife cheated

    No one suggested a 3 some yet ?
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    Note 10 AOD malfunction

    I have the really iritating issue with my AOD on my wife's Note 10. It is set to turn off the AOD at a certain time at night and turn on at a certain time in the moning. Lately i found the setting to reset to "Always On" instead of "Show by Shedule" by itself. Not a big deal really but annoying...
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    Landlords in South Africa have run into a real problem

    Yet.... Try and look for a rental property. The pricing is redicilous.
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    Sage hit by major outage in South Africa

    I hope they sort it out ASAP. My company uses them.
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    Samsung will stop making the Galaxy Note – Report

    A pity. I've had all the Notes from the first one. And use the stylus every day.
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    Eskom wants to stop 4-hour load-shedding in Johannesburg

    I am fortunate enough to live close to a hospital. And we must be on the same circuit. Stage 1 and 2 load shedding does not affect me at all. Stage 3 and 4 sometimes. But not often enough to even bother with the load shedding schedule.
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    Best Google-certified TV boxes to buy in South Africa

    Where do you get the MECOOL M9 pro for that price ? The link takes you to the normal M9 on Takealot. The MECOOL M9 Pro is R2400 ?
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    South African criminals are now burning down cellphone towers

    Once the seed is planted the boat has sailed. For a people who believe in forefather spirits, creatures in the night, witchcraft etc, it is not to far fetched to believe in corona spreading death rays been emitted from these towers.
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    Is the Skyworth TB7000 series any good?

    Not only Skyworth. Couple of other manufacturers do them as well.
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    Samsung find my mobile notifications can not disable

    So I'm getting this annoying notification every once in a while "reminding" to turn on my find my mobile setting. Trouble is i can not disable the setting on notification sertings as it is greyed out. Can anyone please help with this predicament.