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    [11/02/19] Eskom starts stage 4 load-shedding

    Hmmmm, maybe it was that kind of meeting where Pravin maybe said: Shyte flows downhill, if not we will remove the clog in the board room before the week is over. Maybe some of them don't want to lose their jobs....
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    LG V40 ThinQ

    I wonder who else will offer the V40+?
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    Nissan Qashqai 2.0 fuel consumption

    We have one it averages about 10l/100km. But if you had to do in town driving only I would guess the 8.2 is correct.
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    Prophet Bushiri's church under siege in wake of deaths

    I wonder what it costs to rent BLF for your cause?
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    Pre-paid Electricity Meter Usage Issue

    Is it one of those new smart prepaid meters?
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    Modern Food Fussiness

    Because better options available these days? But that doesn't excuse bad behaviour as a guest when your host entertains you.
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    Will you pay less monthly income tax when appointed as a company rather than an individual?

    Sars holds everybody equally responsible, some even more eqaul than others.
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    Activity/Fitness Trackers with Discovery Vitality

    Why doesn't Google Fit work with Discovery or do I need to get my eyes tested?
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    Meizu launches crazy new smartphone without any ports

    A dremel, soldering iron and a YouTube video and you should be well on your way.
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    No places for 10 000 nursing students in KwaZulu-Natal

    Effectively study further. Nursing is basically a 3-4year diploma/degree.
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    No places for 10 000 nursing students in KwaZulu-Natal

    There is a difference between Registered Nurse and Enrolled nurse. There is still a shortage of registered nurses, the one's you actually want in the ward.
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    Can ownership of prepaid number be transfered

    I went to Rica myself at CNA.
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    Can ownership of prepaid number be transfered

    Jip, you can re-Rica the prepaid number under the owner.
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    I think it is a well run estate. Can't go wrong.
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    WhatsApp bug could expose all your messages

    Jip one needs either to have a backup on Google drive or icloud.
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    BMF blasts Gordhan over white Denel CEO

    Well then he will be the right man for BMF's case.
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    Is defamation of character a criminal offence ?

    It depends what happened, but this probably will be a civil matter. Please give us more information so that we will be able to help. We have some great legal minds here.