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    London schoolgirl who fled to join Isis wants to return to UK

    this is very very dangerous to let someone like this back into the country. what if the whole pregnancy was a planned thing to get her back in to do an attack somewhere in the country?
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    WATCH: Mom gets her kids to steal woman’s handbag at Steers

    sorry but this woman is an idiot as well. she should NEVER have left her bag under her chair like that and thought it was safe. her bag should have been on her lap where she could see it at all times. especially being outside.
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    BREAKING: Momentum to pay out policy to widow of slain policy holder

    so what are you trying to say exactly. one has diabetes and one doesn't but their deaths are not caused by diabetes whatsoever but by some idiot. how does this make any difference to their policy pray tell. the insurer is not paying out on natural death but by the death caused by another...
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    Spice Girls confirm reunion tour

    little mix certainly is taking the world by storm.
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    Spice Girls confirm reunion tour

    they are so yesterday. move over there are other girl groups who have much more vocal potential than these girls ever could have.
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    SARS E-filing at risk THE e-filing tax system will crash in the next two years unless urgent measures are undertaken to recall Barry Hore, who masterminded the IT system dubbed Modernisation. Senior South African Revenue Services (Sars) official...
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    Tekkie Town saleswoman forced to stand in store window with 'naughty corner' note

    when will people learn in today's day and age these sort of things will get out faster than a forest fire. with technology we have the proof will be there for all to see.
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    94-year-old Nazi to stand trial in juvenile court

    the exact same thing is happening today in today's society yet people want to concentrate on one idiot only who is dead and can do no more. why don't you put the same effort into those who are doing the same to others and maybe something can be done to help those being slaughtered today.
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    Ex-SARS exec to 'rogue unit' journalist: 'My life is destroyed'

    if this man wasn't guilty at the time why then did he resign? because of a few words written in a book? sorry i'm not buying this carp.
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    Land Bank warns against plan to expropriate land

    this is absolutely correct I don't know why you would think it is BS at all. if someone were to come take my property without consent and giving me the correct valuation on it and I still owed on the mortgage, I would not be paying anything to the mortgage whatsoever as I no longer am the owner...
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    this is horrible,

    well there goes the saving paper theory. that was so yesterday now it's all today on MYBB. it just looks like paper to me.
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    this is horrible,

    sorry this looks like we back in the 90's.
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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    we spend on average R1500 per week and sometimes a bit more. 2 adults and 2 almost adult kids. 17 and 19 years old.
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    Illinois Golfer Swallowed by 18-Foot Sinkhole, Sand Traps Suddenly Innocuous

    You can add 18-foot sinkholes to the list of potential hazards looming at golf courses. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports 43-year-old Mark Mihal was golfing with buddies at Annbriar Golf Course in Waterloo, Ill. when he was suddenly swallowed up whole by the earth. Well, that might be...
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    for one last time, this is a forum of people who are made up of mad people, junkies, hobos, some like to call themselves accountants, engineers or other professional names, but none of them are actually psychologists or psychiatrists. so i suggest you take yourself off to one of the latter and...