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    The SA Vehicle Industry Thread

    Back when they were in partnership with Mercedes. Since they went it alone they’ve just not had the momentum to make it.
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    The fact that the acid was all over the boot, the carpet, the wiring and everything kinda indicates that it’s not a factory fitted battery in a proper enclosure. So maybe we can’t know that for sure, but personally I’d be willing to bet at least ten south efrican ront on it.
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    Rivian R1T - enter the Fruck

    Would be if it existed...
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    Is this kind of corrosion on the engine acceptable on a brand new Mercedes?

    The obvious response to that assertion would be to ask why they didn’t easily clean it off before delivering it to you.
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    Hey, if you’ve cooked it, you know all you need to about it’s state. It’s useless as a battery, but that’s obviously of secondary importance to knowing it’s state. No one wants a battery that actually works if you can’t even be sure if it’s 98% or 100% charged.
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    Mazda CX-3

    That moose test was of the facelifted CX-3, with the more compliant suspension. I wouldn’t be surprised if the poor moose test and the changes to the suspension are related. The suspension in mine is not what you would call compliant.
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    The Zapiro Thread

    Peasant! The book was far better.
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    You’re obviously not charging it enough if it’s lasted that long. If you give it a good solid top-up every couple of days I bet you could trash it in a few months.
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    What’s the steepest practical slope for a driveway?

    From the bottom of page 7
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    What’s the steepest practical slope for a driveway?

    Well, I’ve done a bit of asking around and from what I can work out the 1:5 is doable especially for cars. The driveway is long enough to allow for a gradual entry and exit, and as long as you don’t chicken out on the middle bit, you’ll be fine. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. In...
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    experiences with

    I’m predicting that, in a while, we’ll have a thread from someone moaning about the really dodgy Kia Picanto that they bought off
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    Don’t you call that charger under-powered, it klapped the snot out of his battery.
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    Official "Interesting pictures" thread - Part Deux

    So you smack the lion on the head with the radio?
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    Not directly, but... ... he may have programmed it, just a bit.
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    Don’t worry - soon both you and the teacher will be wrong :) I also don’t get the seven kids theory. I’ve got three and am down to only paying for the last one and I’m still bleeding money. I don’t wish I never had them at all, but I do look forward to having all that money to spend on me.
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    Not to mention the fact the needing to top up too frequently is a sign that it’s being over-charged.
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    One of the oddities that doesn’t make sense here is that if the OP is such a genius with battery and battery charger technology, why didn’t he fit a maintenance free battery instead of crawling around in his boot topping up his battery?
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    Of course it won’t. Oh wait, remind me why the thread was started again?
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    And if you know how to setup and charge a lead acid battery it doesn’t crap all over your boot.
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    In other words it doesn’t need your topping up.