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  1. Sean008

    Where can I find Maximor Tablets?

    Dude, you win the internets for this necro ! I’ve tried them all. Maximor coupled with 2 panados and copious amounts of water works a treat.
  2. Sean008

    Easy poached eggs

    How much of water ? Eager to try this ?
  3. Sean008

    Teacher at elite Cape Town girls' school faces disciplinary action for slapping girl

    Hope the teacher has done the same. Stupid if she has hasn’t
  4. Sean008

    Pet dog dies in Sea Point apartment block blaze

    Surely you’re trolling now ! I’ll bite : Not everyone can afford a big house with a big stand. Not everyone wants a big house with a big stand. A Yorkie is a perfect ‘apartment’ dog Lots of people choose apartment living RIP to the little doggie. Fortunately, no other animals or humans where hurt
  5. Sean008

    Criminal record

    And are convicted !
  6. Sean008

    My money or your throne‚ woodcarver threatens Zulu king

    The entitled one needs to just pay the f uck up. Or get an order to attach this pos’s Assets
  7. Sean008

    WATCH: Woman wards off hijackers with baby on her hip

    Thing is, they may be defending more than just cars and yard !
  8. Sean008

    WATCH: Woman wards off hijackers with baby on her hip

    Flight or fight / defend must’ve come into play here. Perhaps there were more kids in the house. That and perhaps wine fueled ! Fortunate not to have been hurt. Wish the purps were caught and burning red hot steel rods shoved up there anuses
  9. Sean008

    Bloody CIT gun battle at Hlabisa leaves nine dead

    Well done SAPS. RIP to the fallen officers
  10. Sean008

    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Good steady drizzle in Durbanville
  11. Sean008

    Korean Fire noodles

    Dude, I’m in northern subs when in CT. Where would I find this gold ? I’m in Durbanville
  12. Sean008

    Korean Fire noodles

    Planet Zog ?
  13. Sean008

    Have you eaten string before?

    Hopefully hasn’t swallowed razor wire and tried the same stunt
  14. Sean008

    The Gauteng Heavy Rain and Hail Warning Thread!

    Pissing down in Irene
  15. Sean008

    Friday thread

  16. Sean008

    Phil Masinga has died