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  1. The_Traveller

    Smart WiFi switches

    So how do these work ? I am renovating my house and broke off tiles and replastered, so was wondering how do these smart switches work ? For lights, do they go into the wire box of the light switch...
  2. The_Traveller

    HDMI Cable query

    So I’m custom building a wall unit and fitting a 75” , so I’m wondering if any HDMI cable will work just fine (makro stocks) or do I need to use those bloody expensive ones that cost in the region of R600 ? I will be streaming 4K content. My issue is once it’s in it’s in, I can’t decide later...
  3. The_Traveller

    MSI Adora24 All-In-One HDD replacement

    Guys, I am battling to get to the HDD and swap it to a SSD. Theres clips all over holding the plate/cover in place. These clips dont easily move out. They lock in place as soon as i move it out with a flat. I dont want to damage anything. Not a single video on the web to show me how to remove...