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  1. Kosmik

    Protesters damage houses, cars after City Power cuts illegally connected electricity

    Someone one would think the solution to this would be a old fashioned public flogging. Low cost, to the point and a public spectacle.
  2. Kosmik

    Accidents and Towing!

    Don't sign anything for tow trucks. Let insurance handle it. No insurance, use your head and just say no. Also whomever gives the instruction to have a vehicle moved off the road is liable for payment.
  3. Kosmik

    Boer War women, children put in concentration camps 'for own good': British MP sparks outrage

    There was quite a bit of malicious intent by the camp runners. Rape , beatings etc, quite a few horror stories were handed down the family ( one side of mine goes back that far and further ).
  4. Kosmik

    Pitbull's owner says dog 'a harmless family pet' after attack on teen

    TBH , two of those "attacks" are understandable if they happened within property. The one with the toddler and a open gate is just stupid. My ridge would go for anyone that they suspect is going to harm my kids, hell she tries to drag them out the pool when they are screaming with laughter. BUT...
  5. Kosmik

    How much sleep the average South African gets each night

    5 hours is normal for me, sometimes 4.
  6. Kosmik

    New regulations SMS

    They're erring on the side of caution in that people defacto don't want to go out of bundle. Telkom is the same, no bundle=no data UNLESS you explicitly set a limit.
  7. Kosmik

    Have you come across this payment fraud (Nedbank EFT)?

    TBH, I don't even trust POP. I want to see POP from MY bank when it actually hits and clears the account.
  8. Kosmik

    Bunny Chow pictures

    Jhb'ers and curry, that is all. Good friday lunch comedy ;)
  9. Kosmik

    Gripens over Cape Town

  10. Kosmik

    Gambling ethical question, sort of....

    Nah, I think he did it the right way. They went for a night out, kept a budget in mind, even though she lost hers and started playing with his, as long as they stick to the agreed loss amount, they're good.
  11. Kosmik

    Gambling ethical question, sort of....

    Sigh, wish I was young and in love with no major crunches where R14k is pocket money. Hell, thats more than a months groceries for us ( fam of 4 ).
  12. Kosmik

    Gambling ethical question, sort of....

    Congrats on the fiver.
  13. Kosmik

    Gambling ethical question, sort of....

    Where the hell is the SUPER LIKE button!!!!!
  14. Kosmik

    Discovery to invest R270 million more into new bank ahead of launch next month

    Oh I can believe its heavy but I also struggle to believe that somehow there isn't something going on within Discovery to be able to fund all these ventures. Their primary focus was Medical Aid which was meant to be run as non profit but there's obviously massive profit/leverage somewhere in the...
  15. Kosmik

    Discovery to invest R270 million more into new bank ahead of launch next month

    /me looks left @ TymeBank , wondering how much it cost them to get going /me looks right @ Discovery and constant hikes in everything ( medical Aid , insurance ), now plowing R270 Million ADDITIONAL into a digital bank WTF?:mad:
  16. Kosmik

    Neil Gaiman's American Gods TV Series [contains Spoilers]

    For fun. [Media] Is he here? [Ostara] Is who here? Oh, He with a capital H? I've got a gaggle of them inside. One of them's got a baby dinosaur. [Media] That's not the "he" I was referring to. The "he" I was referring to was Wednesday. [Ostara] Oh, he was here, trying to enlist me in some...
  17. Kosmik

    Neil Gaiman's American Gods TV Series [contains Spoilers]

    Just re-watched season 1 again as a bit of prep and I absolutely love the final scenes in eps 8. The Mr World dance, the subjagation of Estore by Media, the narrative by Wednesday outlining the difference between the old and new , all delivered on point and punctuated by the final strike. Great...